Dissertation Defense

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Dissertation defense is often regarded as an event that educes anxiety in the candidates about the questions that they have to face. Preparing your dissertation defense like a simple presentation will help you come over the worries that can make your dissertation defense worst. If you have your research done thoroughly and the date of your dissertation defense is already set than relax as it means your work is done. You just have to present your research in a confident and scholarly manner to win your dissertation defense.

When you prepare yourself for the dissertation defense you should consider the psychological and subject related issues of your research. You usually get a month’s time to prepare for the verbal defense after you submit your dissertation. This time also allows the committee members to read your paper. The best thing you can do during this time is to relax and plan your dissertation defense. The factors that really help your handle your defense dissertation well are

Self confidence

Thorough knowledge of your dissertation

A good perception of your committee

As soon as you get your dissertation defense date confirmed start reviewing your research queries as well as your research methodology and analysis of the whole issue. Rehearse presenting your conclusion as clearly as you can. The best thing to do at the dissertation defense is to stick to your ideas and try to spotlight the strong parts of your research while diverting the discussion on the points that you think are a bit weaker.

Furthermore practicing your dissertation defense with a genuine audience such as your fellow scholars or any other teacher way before your dissertation defense is due is a good idea. It will give you new questions to prepare as well as boost up your confidence too.

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