Expecting an A+ in your term paper?

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Watch out for the Terrible Errors frequently seen in Term Paper Writing


Writing a term paper is just like opening a window for your instructor to peek inside your head and get acquainted with your creative skills and intellectual level.


Good grades are a dream of every college student but it does not come true that easy. Want to know why? Continue reading!

According to the teachers and professors the most commonly encountered mistakes made by students trying to come up with a nice term paper are as follows:


Theme Selection, Thesis Statement and Study Objective

The selection of a theme for your paper is the most important aspect of this part of academics. Some students select a topic that is too wide to research and to put in pages as required by the teacher. However, there is another group of students who select a topic so narrow that they can’t get enough information to fill up the required pages. In both cases the paper is termed as incomplete. Similarly if the objective of the study and the facts presented are not linked properly to prove your thesis statement students lose their ground.


Citation errors

Inadequate knowledge of the required citation style and improper formatting of the paper is another big slip up that students often make and get a F while hoping for an A.


Grammatical boo-boos

Ignoring basic grammar rules and making spelling mistakes or use of incorrect homophones or punctuation exerts a very bad impression to the reader.


Exploration Approach Blunders

Mentioned below are some inappropriate researching methods that can ruin the tone of a term paper.

  • Irrelevant data collection
  • Improper or inadequate analysis technique
  • Use of obsolete literature reviews
  • Failure to create a clear link between data collection and research topics
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