MLA citation style

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MLA citation style

MLA citation style is Modern language Association’s rules and convention, which are used for the purpose of acknowledging source used in research papers.

General Guidelines

In MLA style, a page header is included at the top right of every single page. The page header includes the surname of the writer and page number. Paper should use double spacing and a standard typeface and type size, using 1” margin on the every corner of the page.

In-Text Citation

In case of quoting, paraphrasing or summarizing, the sources must be cited in the end. The quotation or paraphrased article must be cited in-text by stating author’s last name and the page number. Furthermore, quotations more than four lines must set apart in a block with a 1” indent from the set margin. Direct quotations should not include any punctuation mark, apart from period before citation.

Work Cited

At the end of every research paper, all the references cited in the paper must be listed according to the alphabetical order.

Book by a single author

Book written by a single writer must be cited as following order

Last Name, First Name and Initial (if given). Title (underlined). Location: Publisher, Year.

Book by two or more authors

Book written by two or more authors must be cited as following arrangement

Last Name, First Name and Initial (if given), and First Name Last Name. Title (underlined). Location:

If there are more than three writer, then “et al” must be written after first authors’ name

Article in a journal

Articles taken from journal must be cited as

Last Name, First Name. “Article Title.” Journal Title (italics)Volume Number (Year): pages. Publisher, Year.

Article in a newspaper

If a newspaper is used as a source, then the source must be arranged according to the following order

Last Name, First Name. “Article Title.” Newspaper Title (italics) Day Month Year, Edition Information: pages.

Document from an internet site

Documents accessed from an internet site must be organized according to the given below order

Last Name, First Name.. “Document Title.”. Site Title. Day Month Year (of access) <Network Address>

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