Nursing School Admission Essay Tips

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The main purpose of the nursing school admission essay is to prove that you are worth of being accepted to the nursing school you are applying for. It can be only a 500 word essay but your acceptance and rejection may depend on it.

Nursing School Admission Essay Tips

Nursing school admission essay should include information about you and the issues which prove that you really want to take up nursing as a career. Your imagination, skills, talent and knowledge help in writing an impressive nursing school admission essay. Essay writing process might take many days.

Here are some points which should be illustrated in the essay.

a) Brain storming:

Take time to think about the possible essay subjects and the following points should be considered:

What are you like?

· Strongest personality trait and any quality that distinguishes you from others.

· Your friends’ opinions about you and what do you think they would write if they were writing the admission essay for you.

· Your favorite movies, books and works of art should be considered and how they influence your life.

· Your experience of a moment of epiphany as if your eyes are opened to something you previously didn’t notice or care about.

What have you done?

· Your major accomplishments.

· Your activities outside classroom which demonstrate qualities sought after by universities.

· If you ever struggled for something and succeeded, what made you successful or if you struggled for something and failed, how did you react.

· Your most difficult time in life and how did it affect your life.

Where do you want to go?

· Where do you want to be and most like to be doing right now and who would you like to be with?

· Your dreams.

· Reason for selecting this particular university.

b) Selecting an Essay Topic

It is important to choose the essay topic wisely. Think of how this subject matter can be made original. A boring topic can be made interesting if creatively approached. Consider the following points when choosing an essay topic:

· Does the topic repeat information listed somewhere in your application? And if it does, choose another topic. GPAs and standardized test scores should not be mentioned in the essay.

· There should be supporting paragraphs to the essay topic. So think of the supporting paragraphs with concrete examples before selecting any topic.

· Select a topic which you think the officer will remember after a day of reading a number of essays.

Choose a story

A good essay tells a story about the applicant and it is not the story of the whole life but just a glimpse. An ordinary story can be told in a unique and captivating way.

c) Writing the Essay

When writing nursing school admission essay, two points should be focused: to prove to the admission officer that you are worthy of admission and that you are more than a GPA and standardized score. Your writing should reflect your intriguing personality.


The admission officer will spend maximum two minutes reading your essay so keeping this fact in mind, create mystery or intrigue in the first paragraph to give the admission officer a reason to continue reading.

The Body

The body must relate to the introduction. Having a theme or phrase helps to run throughout the essay. Use simple language and specific examples.


The conclusion is the last chance to impress the reader. Broader implications of the discussion should be expanded.

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