Writing a dissertation proposal

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A dissertation proposal is meant to persuade your committee that there is a biddable query that can be tracked and investigated and at the same time presenting yourself to be the one who is going to pursue the issue appropriately. Dissertation proposal is among one of the most prying issues in academic area that is addressed very little by instructors. Writing n interesting and proper dissertation proposal is an art and a very challenging and intricate chore for research students as well as scholars.

The essential parts of a good dissertation proposal should the proposal should reveal the following issues:

§ Your interest in the potential query
§ Importance of the concept researched
§ Formulation of a valid hypothesis
§ Plan to research the query

Your approach regarding the background of the dissertation topic should be clear and adequate. You have to your dissertation proposal between the two important entities like the already explained views on the query and the phenomenon that you are going to research. A concise discussion regarding the effects and limitations of the earlier research should be conducted. Your dissertation proposal should answer the actual problem you want to research, its importance, the method of investigating the problem and your area of research.

An average dissertation proposal should be somewhere around 15-20 pages. The important parts of a dissertation proposal are:

Problem Statement
Conceptual Framework

This website takes the opportunity to introduce the issues of effective dissertation proposal writing. It also explains the lay out of a remarkable dissertation proposal by dealing with the issues, concerns and problems that occur during the research of a thesis topic.

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Tips for Writing a Winning Admission Essay

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Admission essays contribute pretty much towards your educational career. They provide an insight of your personality as well as your writing skills when you apply to a certain college or university. The admission committee assesses your intellect and abilities to comprehend you thoughts correctly. An admission essay also allows the committee members to grasp your ideas of entering that specific course or school. According to experts, choosing a topic for your admission essay is not as much important as it is to pen your thoughts clearly and make the reader recognize your perspective without difficulty.

Choosing a topic:
Most of the times, the topic of your admission essay revolved around your interest in the concerned college or course, the steps you might have taken defining your path to the institution, your strengths and weaknesses and your goal for the future etc. for instance, if you have applied for a medical school, you might be asked why you want to become a physician and what are your intentions once you achieve your degree in medicine.
Capturing the readers’ attention:

The foremost requirement to write an attention grasping admission essay is to start it with a blast. The more engaging your first paragraph is the more the chances that you might hold the interest of the admission officer till the end. Instead of starting with a grammatically correct paragraph in a usual way, go for punch lines, title statements or a simple interesting question. Adding a splash of humor or suspense in the title question can make it noticeable and fun to read.

Building a smooth, logical flow:
Make sure you maintain a steady flow while writing your admission essay and avoid diverting from the main topic. Adding a few random examples is a good idea but starting a discussion over the examples can add confusion and might lose the audience. Similarly presenting illogical information and un necessary argument in your admission essay would lead to the same outcome.

Creating a lasting impression:
The closing of your essay must be effective and must leave a nice impression on the reader in such a way that they feel connected to your experiences. For example, if you are writing about your initial years at the school or your intentions to serve the humanity after becoming a health care professional, choose words and phrases or events that can make the reader feel like a part of that time or make them enjoy reliving the past one more time.
Following these simple guidelines would surely allow you to write an essay that would help you pursue your career in the future

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Election 2012 and Hurricane Sandy

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The largest recorded Atlantic (tropical cyclone) storm, Hurricane Sandy that devastated a major part of Caribbean, Mid Atlantic, North eastern United States and eastern part of Canada in October 2012, inflicted a damage of approximately $50 million dollars to the US economy. The damage extent is also highest as compared to other hurricanes that have hit US in the past except Hurricane Katrina. It affected 24 of the American states starting from Florida to Maine and in the west from Michigan to Wisconsin and brought severe damage to New Jersey and New York

The landfall of Hurricane Sandy on the shores of USA is massive and widespread in terms of damage to lives and property as well as the election campaign 2012. What previously looked like a smooth voting procedure with predictable results now became a challenge for the polling officers. The power cuts, flooding of city areas along with other weather issues like early snowfall is making it hard to conduct voting on the appointed schedule i.e. 6th November 2012. The power outage seems like the most important issue to address currently as most of the storm affected states use electronic voting machines instead of paper ballots. President Obama cancelled his election campaigns in the affected areas and stressed over the relief work giving the wellbeing of populace a higher hand over the elections. However there is no suspicion about the elections not being held or postponed yet. As Av Harris, a spokesman for the Connecticut Secretary of the State said that the government is willing to proceed with the election as scheduled. The problems that we are encountering can be rectified with legal solutions like moving the polling offices and using other methods of polling. (Lesniewski, Niels, 2012)

According to Ned Foley, an election expert at the Ohio University, the use of paper ballots is the best possible way to conduct polling in the areas where there is no power or where there is damage to polling stations and equipment. (Korte, Gregory, 2012)

Though it looks quite difficult to obtain the desired results of the presidential elections from the states seriously affected by hurricane sandy because there is no power and television campaign advertisements cannot be seen by most people but still the government is willing to run elections as per schedule.

We can help you with papers related to hurricane sandy and US election 2012. Visit our website for more details.

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Retrieved from http://atr.rollcall.com/the-sandy-effect-on-the-election/

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The Perfect Formula For a Research Paper

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A research paper is probably the most challenging coursework given to students. It requires a mature thought process and the writer must present something original and unique. A research paper can feature a subject matter on which previous research does not exist or it can build on existing research. The second approach is more suitable as the writer will have a reference point.
There are many ways to go about composing it and therefore a stage wise approach is suggested.

Vet the topic
Before starting the actual writing, the writer must be clear and specific regarding the research paper topic. General topics should be avoided as the writer will find difficulty in presenting information and adhering to the page count. An example of a general topic could be ‘Sports in South Africa,’ while a specific topic would be the ‘The declining state of sports facilities in Rural South Africa.’

The topic and reference search should be carried simultaneously. There is no use carrying forth a good topic on which adequate references do not exist. The internet is obviously the first place to start research but the researcher should place value on quality of website. As a general rule information from websites like Wikipedia are totally useless and should be avoided at all costs. Develop a draft reference list and just gather good sources. The vetting of references will come later on.

Probably the best thing to do after getting a topic and references is to build a Research Proposal and get it approved from the Teacher/Professor. This will enable feedback from the instructor and avoid mistakes/errors by proceeding alone. Remember that prevention is better than cure.

Rough draft
When starting work on the rough draft, it is better to identify expected page count and tentative table of contents. This outline will simplify writing and presentation of information in organized fashion. While preparing the rough draft, formatting and grammar related issues are not critical. This can be done in review stage. At this stage the pen must flow without hindrance.

Working on content
Apart from internet, some resources can be found in the institution’s library. This includes original books, journals like Harvard Business review etc. The student should develop the content from these rich resources and keep track through a notebook. This tracking will enable smooth referencing at the end.

Adhering to outline
The basis presentation is always Beginning, body and conclusion. However, at this stage the writer must be clear regarding which headings are populating the Body. Throughout the writing phase, the outline must be foremost in mind to avoid excessive writing or irrelevant content.

The research paper must be completed 24 hours before the deadline at a minimum. This allows the opportunity to revise the paper including spelling/grammar mistakes, adhering to instructor’s criteria and improving sentence construction. Effective revision can be the difference between a ‘B’ and ‘A.’ Therefore this step must be taken seriously. Plagiarism must be avoided and quotes, definitions etc. must be referenced properly.

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Perfect way to go about Writing a Research Paper

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As the name suggests a research paper writing deserves a proper research work before its composition. The paper should only be made ready when all the necessary and relevant information and facts are accumulated. Rich sources should thoroughly be studied in order to fetch out suitable and relevant information. The following describes the perfect way to compose a research paper.

What is a research paper?
Research paper is a piece of writing where the candidate is supposed to submit a unique work where the arguments and the interpretation should be properly presented. The research paper should not contain anything copied or extracted from any sources. The candidate can refer to various websites and consult any book as per his or her preference but no sentence should be copied from its source.

Preparations before composing a research paper
A research paper writing is a tricky job to execute as it includes a lot of information and factual data in it. All the information and facts should be extracted from various sources. The candidate should refer multiple sources that offer updated and relevant information. There should be any outdated and irrelevant information as the content of the research paper. Once the research work is properly executed the candidate can initiate the rough draft completion process.

Creating a rough draft
Before Starting the Draft: Before starting the rough draft, the first thing that is to be done is to estimate the number of pages that one intends to compose as the research paper writing. If the total number pages are not decided beforehand, it would actually be really tough to carry out the procedure of composition.

Research and Development: The arguments and the subjective points that one intends to put in as the content of the research paper must be kept ready. The sources should be well consulted in order to extract correct information that follows and revolve around the title.

Keeping notes: While research paper writing taking notes is a vital part. Taking notes help the candidate list the things that he is supposed to fit in a research paper composition. The paragraphs and the subheading classification should all be included in this part. Often taking notes help a candidate to correct any mistakes on the go.

Organizing the body: After the points, information and the necessary raw materials are accumulated, it is necessary to organize them properly. A computer can be used to carry out this procedure. All the information along with one’s arguments and citations can be put together sequentially.

Finalizing the Outline: Before attempting any final composition an outline of the research paper writing is a must. This step enables an individual to analyze the thoughts and process them without any problem. This process saves time and influences to submit an error free research paper.

Finalize the draft: After the rough draft is completed writing one should give it a good proof reading. A thorough revision is always effective in picking out the last minute errors and rectifying them.

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How To Find Sources for Your Research Paper

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The daunting part in research paper writing is in finding the actual research material and sources. The available amount of sources makes a person overwhelmed, so taking specific instructions regarding the availability of information are mandatory. Acquiring the best information should be ensured in the most efficient way.

• The foremost things required to find sources for your research paper are a library and internet access.
• You should keep it simple so that your research does not go out of control.

• The first step to find sources for your research paper is the library. University libraries have great resources, especially the research based campuses. Initiate your research in the journals and books relating to your topic. It is must to look for scholarly journals so that your professor or teacher understands that you have put good effort and time in your search. Using recent works that is relating to recent 5 years than referring to something relating to past 20 years. Make it a point to find at least 5 or 6 written sources for an assignment of 5 page research paper.
• Take detailed notes and write down ideas and specific quotes to be used. Ensure you get all the information required for your research paper. This is essential so that you need not go back or refer the source again. On writing down the required information, write the work citation as well. Noting down each will save time by the time you are completing the research notes as all the citations are ready.
• On finding written sources, research online databases for scholarly journals electronic copies. Databases contain lots of information relevant to your topic and these databases are available through your university or local library as they are subscribed services. These are the best sources for your research paper. Though, initially it may take some time, you will find relevant sources in abundance.
• For additional sources, dig the databases and the links mentioned. You are sure to find abstracts of articles and full text articles. The information available in these is identical to the databases information.
• The final place that is appropriate to acquire sources for your research paper refers to the general search sites in Google or Yahoo. There will be sites that are apposite to form your source list. You can also include the available statistics and articles to augment your paper. However, ensure that the websites you are referring have credibility, so check for websites ending with.edu or .gov, so that they are accurate than .com or.net ending websites. You can also verify the information before including it in your research paper.


• Avoid rushing over the research topics. The more time spent on searching the sources, the better will be your conducted research.
• Avoid sites that lack scholarly credibility such as personal websites, Wikipedia or even sites that sell or advertise something.
• Ensure to cite each source properly as improperly cited sources lead to plagiarism.

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Best Way to Write a Literature Research Paper

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The best and appropriate ways of approaching a literature research paper implies on the introduction as well the literature review presented. These sections are regarded to be very tough to write and hence following the standard steps in writing the literature research paper review sections as well as introduction is ideal for any academic research paper.


• The first step is to explain the work or problem that you are researching. This should be done by describing the issue or by emphasizing the need for focusing on the research project.
• Second step is to initiate the literature review generally and then to slowly progress into the related and specific emphasis of your research project.
• Third step is to focus and write on general themes that are related to your research topic. Similarly, ensure that there are no gaps in research as this will reflect in writing.
• Fourth step is to indicate specific questions on the research paper that your project is facing. This will give room to add your recent review on the topic.
• Explain the importance of project and its focus, besides the variation of the previous research on the same topic.
• Rewriting as well as revising it several times is mandatory. This should be done by taking considerable amount of time so that you do not miss anything or re-write something already mentioned. Take assistance of some sharp proofreader so that they indicate the sections that do not flow smoothly or sections that fail to make sense.

How to approach
• Approaching a literature research paper firstly depends on making it readable. This can be done by using a standard font such as Geneva, Times, Bookman with point 12. It is best if the text space is double spaced with margin 1 inch on one side. Beginning each section on a new page is suggested and adhering to page limits is best.
• Mistakes that can be avoided are positioning a heading at the page end or on the next page. Similarly, confine a table to a single page and submit all the pages in an order.
• Staying focused to the topic of the literature research paper is mandatory. Each important point should be specified in separate paragraphs and indent the foremost line of every paragraph. Specific results can be described in past tense, while the report and the facts should be in present tense.
• Present the points in a systematic and logical order. Strictly remember to avoid using jargon, superlatives or any slang terms and even informal wording.

• It is impossible to employ active voice as it would focus the attention of the reader towards the investigator, than the work. Hence, writing employing third person passive voice is recommended.
• Using normal prose in every section and completing sentences, helps in comprehending the literature research paper.
• Omit all irrelevant information and save detailed information for discussion.
• The purpose and illustration should meet your need of research paper to make the objective complete.

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Preparation before Writing a Research Paper

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Writing a research paper is a time consuming job that deserves proper care and utmost concentration. It is necessary to know what research papers are before describing the preparations to be undergone for the research paper writings.

What are research papers?

A research paper is a unique way of writing in which a candidate should interpret and place his arguments. The research paper should be composed only on the basis of vivid surveys and a lot of research work. The research work should get accompanied by one’s own way of narration and should stick to the proper format and style of writing a research paper.

Preparations before composing a research paper

It is necessary to figure out the proper and relevant information before proceeding to the commencement of the research paper. This research or pre composing phase is the most important and time consuming part in writing a research paper. Once all the relevant information and details are sorted out, the composition can be comfortably started. In order to make the writing part smooth there are many steps that one can follow before attempting to start a research paper.

  • Before Starting: The very first thing to be done is to decide how many pages should be the content of the research paper. In the majority of the cases the faculty or the respective adviser suggests and decides the length of the research paper. Otherwise one should fix and decide what should exactly be the length of the research paper. Deciding the length beforehand makes things easier to accomplish while going through the composition phase.
  • Research and Development: Arguments and points should be jotted down while accessing the relevant information. Recent and updated information should be well researched and utilized for the writing of the research paper. Out dated information must not be a part of the writing as it would simply fetch a rejection. Internet contains a huge collection of updated information about any topic and thus should be depended upon rather than only going through the library collections.
  • Keeping track of the actual information: Keeping notes is another essential thing that readily helps while writing a research paper. Important paragraphs, passages and newly enriched information can readily be noted down. This eventually eases the composition and validates one’s opinions upon the given subject.
  • Organizations: The next part should contain the organization of the citations. Each and every correct citation should be organized properly in order to enrich the research paper. A notebook or a computer can ease the process. Listing the citations is especially helpful while extracting information from multiple sources.
  • Finalizing the Outline: Before the final composition can be started it is indeed a good idea to compose an outline of the research paper. Creating an outline for the entire project helps a candidate to analyze the thoughts and process them accurately as per one’s desire. Time can thus be saved and perfection can obviously be achieved while writing a research paper.

Drawing the Conclusion: Once the research paper is composed one should obviously go for a thorough revision in order to be sure about the composition, which leads to successful composition of a good research paper.

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Adobe’s Project ROME: Writing a Term Paper was never so easy

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Adobe Rome is the latest project of Adobe, the creators of popular software including Photoshop, Illustrator and Fireworks. This software is meant for both the educational sector and the business professionals. Adobe has decided to launch this software in two different versions, one that caters to the educational sector and the other for the professional sector. The concept behind this software is to allow consumers to use the software without having to learn its various and often complication tools. With software such as Photoshop, the users need to learn the tools to be able to master the final output but project Rome does away with the technical know-how. This software also integrates the functions of content creation and publishing so that the whole project is created and finished in one place.

Right now, the project is still in its initial stages and Adobe is releasing trial versions of Rome’s beta software so that users can experiment, and comment on the project and changes could be made accordingly. This software is compatible with Intel Duo Core and MAC OS X 10.5 or higher. The pricing of this software is yet to be decided, but Adobe plans to release this on paid subscription basis.  The idea is to create a pricing policy that would make the functions of Adobe accessible to the normal consumer who want to create basic stuff but cannot afford the highly priced Adobe suites.


Adobe Rome comes with the integrated functions of the Adobe softwares like Fireworks, Flash, Photoshop and Illustrator. The key features of this software are:

Supports Virtual Education. Adobe Rome for Education allows students, and teachers to communicate in a virtual environment, using aids such as easy transfer of photos, documents, videos, audio, animation and graphics and writing a Term Paper.

Term Paper Writing

Picture Retrieved from http://rome.adobe.com/education/features.html#Unified

Integration Of Softwares. Adobe Rome allows users to create animation, websites and alter pictures together in the software. The user does not have to switch from Photoshop to Flash and back now since Rome integrates all of them together. This is supported by web integration to allow users to connect the software online. In addition, the software allows users to adjust the tools according to the context to avoid complication of too many softwares in one place.

Collaboration With Non-Adobe Softwares. The computers of today’s users are cluttered with various softwares that usually are not Adobe compatible. Adobe Rome has created collaboration with Google to allow easy sharing of completed projects. “Project Rome offers output in formats such as PDF, SWF, JPG, PNG, SVG, or FXG or Web files for either an Adobe or third-party-hosted Website” (Dove, 2010).

Adobe Project ROM Term Paper Writing Google Doc

Picture Retrieved from http://rome.adobe.com/education/features.html#Unified

Flexibility. Adobe Rome allows easy flexibility of softwares by integrating the IT environment with its new software. Most of the work done on computers requires the use on the internet and web based application, and this information has been capitalized by Adobe in creating Adobe Rome. The user can directly put his final output on the website, on popular sites like Facebook, twitter and MySpace. Even if the user wants to work offline, he could switch between the two modes easily without compromising on the performance.

Usage Of Adobe Rome

Using Adobe Rome, the users can create various print design materials including flyers, brochures, letterheads, business cards, covers and reports depending on their usage of the software. It also helps students in creating their school reports and interactive presentations. It also allows the normal user to create scrapbooks and family websites easily without learning the use of any complicated software.

Adobe Project ROME Term Paper Writing

Picture Retrieved from http://rome.adobe.com/education/features.html#Unified

In the education sector, Adobe Rome is helpful in creating environments of virtual classrooms where users can interact and learn easily within the software that supports e-learning.


Adobe Rome can create a revolution in virtual learning and aid users to create designed material easily. The “goal is to make Project ROME so intuitive and fluid, that the technology doesn’t get in your way of expressing ideas with video, audio, photos, graphics, text and animation” (Muchmore, 2010).  The virtual environment as provided by Adobe is still new in the field of e-learning, and many virtual education sectors would want to use this to improve their virtual learning centers.

This software would influence the design industry indirectly since it allows normal users to create designed material easily and on their own specification. They would not have to buy expensive software to create their own products and thus decrease their dependence on both print and animation designers to a certain extent. However, the software is still in its initial stages, but the Adobe expects good returns from this software as this caters to an altogether different market segment. With its flexible features and integrated functioning, many would want to work on this relatively in-expensive software. Check our the Video Below

Adobe’s Project ROME Term Paper Writing Was Never So Easy


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How to Present the Four Parts of a Research Paper

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A research paper aims at presenting the results of research work done by an individual to its readers. Even if the writer puts in good amount of research work in preparing it, it may lose its effectiveness if it is not presented in a proper format. It should be neatly separated into following sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion
  4. Bibliography

Each one of the four parts of a research paper is used to convey separate information. Introduction gives an insight into the contents of the paper and body consists of details of the research work done by the author. While conclusion provides a logical summary of research work, bibliography is used to acknowledge the different sources from which the data was taken.

The four parts of a research paper are explained in detail here.

  1. Introduction: What are the readers going to find in the research paper? Do they have enough acquaintance with the topic being presented? The introduction section of a research paper provides an idea to the readers about what they are going to read in it. If the reader is not familiar with the topic, it will give enough familiarity to the readers about it. It should be written with the purpose of making a base for the reader to get know how of the things which are going to be presented in the research paper. It should have the following features:
    • It should evoke an interest in the readers to go on and read the complete paper. If the introduction is not interesting enough, it can ruin their interest and that can have disastrous impact on prospects of the author.
    • It should be precise and focus on the core idea of the research. It should motivate the reader to read the complete research paper.
  1. Body: Out of the four parts of a research paper, its body is the most important one as it contains every bit of information that the author tries to present. It should have the following features.
    • It should have uniform formatting i.e. font style, font size, line spacing, alignment etc.
    • The topic of interest should be explained with necessary citations, facts and figures.
    • It should not wander away from central theme. Otherwise, the reader would not find it interesting enough to continue reading it.
    • It should be separated into chapters, sections and sub-sections, wherever necessary.
  1. Conclusion: This section consists of analysis of what has been presented in the research paper. It should not be replica of the introduction, but should provide a logical end to the discussion being made in the main body. The author can include details about impact of the research work in this section.
  2. Bibliography: Bibliography is the last one out of the four parts of a research paper. Usually, all the sources which were used during the research work are cited here. Such sources can include books and research papers of other authors. It is necessary that the author should take prior permission from everyone whose work has been used during drafting of the report.
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