How to make an eye catching title page for a research paper

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You might have given your best effort in researching for your research paper and would have drafted a great one too! However, your examiner wasn’t much impressed by it. Why did it happen? Quite possibly, the title page that you would have given in it was not up to the expected standards. If the title page for a research paper isn’t impressive, the whole effort spent in drafting that can go down the drain.

Importance of title page for a research paper: It is common to see students ignoring the importance of the title page. As the saying goes, ‘first impression is the last impression’ and when an examiner is going to go through your report, the first point that will be noted is its title. Thus, if you want to impress the examiner, you ought to give due importance to it.

If you follow the below mentioned steps, you can certainly attain your purpose.

  1. Contents of title page for a research paper: As per the universally accepted guidelines, there are certain elements which should be present on the title page including :
    1. Page header
    2. Page number
    3. Title name
    4. School, college or university name, as applicable.

These elements need to be arranged neatly by giving margins of one inch between the different lines. Moreover, if you put numerous elements on a single page, it might get clumsy and would not look professional.

  1. Title: The title of research paper is as important as the content itself. It needs to be placed on center of the title page for a research paper. It should enable the reader to have an insight into what you are going to present in the research paper. It should be around ten words as too short or too long titles tend to put off the readers even before they start reading anything.
  2. Information about author and examiner: You need to provide your name, examiner, title of the course for which the research paper is being presented and date in proper format. These should be provided in separate lines and need to be double spaced.
  3. Font and formatting: The most preferred font style for writing title page for a research paper is Times New Roman. The size can be either 10 or 12, but the preferred one among them is size 12. The two different styles, MLA and APA, differ in the formatting of text. While MLA style requires left justification for text, APA style mandates use of central justification for the text.

Some mistakes that need to be avoided while drafting the title page:

  1. You shouldn’t place various elements unnecessarily. These should be used judiciously as over use can reduce the effectiveness of title page.
  2. The number of fonts being used in it shouldn’t be more than two. Users tend to include numerous font types to make their text appealing. This approach can be counter productive.
  3. Avoid using complex sentences and try to keep the content as simple as possible.
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How to cite resources in a research paper

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How to cite resources in a research paper

At the time, while you are composing your research paper, always keep in mind, the fact, that it is extremely significant for you present your resources well, even when you are summarizing, paraphrasing or quoting the composition of a different writer. The manner in which you should cite resources in a research paper is by means of adding cross-references or annotations at the end of every sheet of your paper or else by introducing parenthetical citations at the side of the extracted passage.

Resource citation is the method to present a connection to your resources of passages, summaries and quotes. Quoting resources also is considered to be the channel to grant acknowledgment to the writers whose earlier creations have facilitated you in producing your very own individual research paper. Cite resources in a research paper will also assist you in avoiding breach of copyright. You should also remember to add a bibliography at the finish stage of your paper.

Different citation styles

There are quite a lot of style manuals to cite resources in a research paper. From time to time your lecturer will mention the citation style, which he would prefer you to apply. At other instances, it will be left entirely to you to apply a style, which you are at ease with as well as feel happy in availing yourself of.  The layout of your research paper citations mainly is determined by your own selected citation style. The different ways to cite resources in a research paper are briefly mentioned below along with where and how to use them.

1. The most widely used citation styles, which have been worked on tend to be the Modern Language Association of America also popularly referred to as MLA, American Psychological Association citation style also known as the APA and Chicago Manual of Style, widely referred as the Turabian Style Guide or as the Chicago Style Guide.

2. The MLA citation style is frequently brought into play when the study paper speaks regarding issues with reference to arts, literature and humanities. In support of research papers that deal with social sciences, it is always better to make use of American Psychological Association or APA citation style guide, whereas the majority writers for subjects pertaining to history have a preference for applying the Chicago Style Guide.

3. All of the three common citation style guides mentioned above only possess slight variations between themselves, in the way they are presented in the research paper. It is always advisable for you to go through all the information mentioned inside the published guidebooks for better understanding of these three different citation styles.

There are additional set of laws for you to follow in order to cite resources in a research paper, for instance, the correct way to layout the complete research paper, citation of online publications and printed articles. Determine which particular style suits you the most and try to retain it all through your writing. Uniformity of citation style is among the important features that your lecturer will search for once you submit the research paper.

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