Guidance Notes for Writing Philosophy Essay

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What is philosophy essay writing?

There are several courses that include the submission of various types of writings. These writings help in getting good grade along with the respective certificate or degree. Philosophy essay writing is much different from that of the usual writings that are asked to submit. The strategies mentioned here clearly indicate an idea of writing the philosophy essay writing.

A philosophy paper is subject to contain a reasonable defense of a certain claim. The paper must offer a valid argument. The claims that are made by the writers should be well defended with valid points in the particular philosophy essay. So each time the writer tries to convey or claim his view he must add the reason that is under his consideration to make the respective claim.

Why to write a philosophy paper

There can be a various intentions to write or compose philosophy essay writing. Generally an issue or argument is taken under consideration. The paper then focuses on either criticizing the argument or to prove that argument invalid. Another thing that can be the aimed is to defend the initial argument against some other criticism raised by someone else. The aim can also be to provide reasons to make the thesis believable. The essay can also include certain points that can eventually draw or project the consequences of the initial argument under the consideration.

It really does not matter that what exactly is the particular aim to follow? However the fact that is important is that there should be certain explicit reasons to support the claims that are made. There are many students who feel that since claims are quite clear to them there is no requirement for a valid argument or reason, which is wrong. Effective argument is required in order to make it evident among the audience.

Formatting/Style involved in Philosophy essay writing

  • Philosophy essay writing should be modest with a minute point. The things that matter are the clear understanding and accurate writing style that leads to attain the expected success.
  • Next thing that should be considered as utmost important is the originality of the philosophy essay.
  • There should be enough space for individual thoughts to be effectively put in so that the knowledge about the independent thinking gets clear to the audience.

The Body Content

Roughly, the composition of a philosophy essay can be segmented in to three different phases.

  • The initial phases of the early stage require creating an outline about the overall essay. The issues raised in the respective class should be discussed among each other which would not only reduce problems or errors but will also enhance a proper philosophy essay.
  • The next phase of the philosophy essay writing includes the execution of the essay. A rough draft can initially be written. There is no requirement to put in the literary excellences. Simple straight forward language is sufficient enough for the essay to be carried out. The language should be plain and simple and easy for understanding. It is not supposed to work out if it is not understood the way it should be. Thus it is better to avoid literary skills and prefer the straight forward language in which one speaks to write the respective philosophy essay.

The structure of the paper should be properly made. While putting in one’s own views it is necessary to make it explicit. It may be concise but it should be well knit to explain oneself entirely. Plenty of examples along with several definitions enrich the standard of the philosophy essay writing. There are certain situations when the claims raised by the philosophers tend to a higher level of difficulty in understanding. Using proper examples clear out the doubts and make it easy and convenient to understand the claims as the audience relates the examples to the raised claims.

It should be very much specific. There are situations where the students often tend to lose focus from the actual point under consideration and start arguing about something that is quite not relevant. Such situations should strictly not arise.

· Finally, rewriting the philosophy essay writing a plenty of times would surely make it more apt and justified. Rewriting a plenty of times would fetch out the unnecessary portions from the essay and make it more precise and exact as per the requirement. There are obviously some minor mistakes that can be effectively removed to make the essay free of errors and complete it the way one desires to be.

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Descriptive Essay Sample: Hawaiian Weddings

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Hawaiian Weddings

Similar to most of the nations having centuries of traditions behind them, Hawaiian weddings are also a colorful profusion of traditions and cultural elements complemented with rituals intended to bring in fortune, luck and happiness to couples who are going to tie a knot.

The Hawaiian brides, traditionally, wear a white holoku (traditional Hawaiian wedding dress) with flowers in her hair as well. Her male counterpart wears a white shirt along with white pants and colorful sash. If, the wedding takes place in the house the couple may avoid any footwear otherwise casual footwear is used.

Another famous, Hawaiian symbol is leis (traditional flower garlands worn around the neck). For wedding ceremony two maile leis usually made of fragrant flowers, and green leaves are especially ordered for both the grooms and brid. It is a symbol of mutual welcoming, the life partners, and it is also considered as a metaphorical representation of the island people’s relationship with nature. Both leis are different in terms of flowers woven in them; the bride’s lei have white jasmine and the groom’s have ilima (Sida fallax). Both the mother-in-laws also wear especially made leis which have an abundance of jasmine. Some organizers order leis for every guest as well.

The announcement of a Hawaiian wedding is done by three consecutive blowing of a conch shell to summon Lord’s support and presence in the wedding. The effects of other customs (notably Filipino, Chinese and Japanese) are also very evident in Hawaiian weddings. Therefore, it is very common to witness 1001 origami cranes or fireworks intended to thwart evil spirits away. Pandango (originally a Filipino traditional wedding dance) also known as money dance is also performed in many weddings which encircle the couple with a string of taped money usually provided by the wedding guests.

The effects of other cultures, as a consequence of globalization, are evident in Hawaii as well, and one of these “foreign” influences is wedding cake. Hawaiian cakes are usually made of wheat flour symbolizing the beginning of a new relationship together. This relationship is further strengthened by sharing the knife for cake cutting and presenting the first slice to each other after which each guest a presented with a piece.

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Nursing School Admission Essay Tips

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The main purpose of the nursing school admission essay is to prove that you are worth of being accepted to the nursing school you are applying for. It can be only a 500 word essay but your acceptance and rejection may depend on it.

Nursing School Admission Essay Tips

Nursing school admission essay should include information about you and the issues which prove that you really want to take up nursing as a career. Your imagination, skills, talent and knowledge help in writing an impressive nursing school admission essay. Essay writing process might take many days.

Here are some points which should be illustrated in the essay.

a) Brain storming:

Take time to think about the possible essay subjects and the following points should be considered:

What are you like?

· Strongest personality trait and any quality that distinguishes you from others.

· Your friends’ opinions about you and what do you think they would write if they were writing the admission essay for you.

· Your favorite movies, books and works of art should be considered and how they influence your life.

· Your experience of a moment of epiphany as if your eyes are opened to something you previously didn’t notice or care about.

What have you done?

· Your major accomplishments.

· Your activities outside classroom which demonstrate qualities sought after by universities.

· If you ever struggled for something and succeeded, what made you successful or if you struggled for something and failed, how did you react.

· Your most difficult time in life and how did it affect your life.

Where do you want to go?

· Where do you want to be and most like to be doing right now and who would you like to be with?

· Your dreams.

· Reason for selecting this particular university.

b) Selecting an Essay Topic

It is important to choose the essay topic wisely. Think of how this subject matter can be made original. A boring topic can be made interesting if creatively approached. Consider the following points when choosing an essay topic:

· Does the topic repeat information listed somewhere in your application? And if it does, choose another topic. GPAs and standardized test scores should not be mentioned in the essay.

· There should be supporting paragraphs to the essay topic. So think of the supporting paragraphs with concrete examples before selecting any topic.

· Select a topic which you think the officer will remember after a day of reading a number of essays.

Choose a story

A good essay tells a story about the applicant and it is not the story of the whole life but just a glimpse. An ordinary story can be told in a unique and captivating way.

c) Writing the Essay

When writing nursing school admission essay, two points should be focused: to prove to the admission officer that you are worthy of admission and that you are more than a GPA and standardized score. Your writing should reflect your intriguing personality.


The admission officer will spend maximum two minutes reading your essay so keeping this fact in mind, create mystery or intrigue in the first paragraph to give the admission officer a reason to continue reading.

The Body

The body must relate to the introduction. Having a theme or phrase helps to run throughout the essay. Use simple language and specific examples.


The conclusion is the last chance to impress the reader. Broader implications of the discussion should be expanded.

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How to polish your Essay Writing Skills

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Essay writing skills are vital for students. There are some techniques which can help polish your essay writing skills and it is important to remember that practice makes perfect

How to polish your Essay Writing Skills

The first thing is to explore the topic and the writer should know how he will go about the essay. To be a good essay writer, it is essential to make your reading and thinking both very strong. Though most of the material is available on the internet which helps you write your essay but library should also be frequently visited. Essay writing should be done with proper planning. If you try to do unplanned essay writing, you will get stuck in the middle and there will be no way out, round or through. Take necessary notes and make a draft before beginning final essay writing. Random and eleventh hour essay writing gives limited options to the writer and affects the quality of the essay.

Keep proof reading as you write the essay. It is very important to check and recheck the essay at every stage. Check each paragraph as you write because there is always room for improvement. For better essay writing, keep checking as you write.

Good essay writing should have consistency. Tenses and noun arrangement should be synchronized. The essay must be logical. Essay writing should reflect the logical aspect of your thinking and it gets easier if you stay precise.

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Essay Writing: Spelling and Grammar

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Many writers have the tendency to use frequently misspelled words in their writings. The solution to this problem is that a writer should carefully assess what words or phrases he or she misspells and try to slowly and gradually remove them from their writings

Spelling and Grammar

Transition words and phrases

Transition words and phrases help the writer in presenting the idea and argument smoothly while making the essay coherent. The idea flows from paragraph to paragraph leaving a very positive image on the reader about the essay. The reader is more interested and knows were the essay is heading towards. Abrupt changes in tone and style make the essay uninteresting and coarse. With the use of transition words and phrases the whole essay can be linked systematically and the message can be communicated in a much better way as desired by the writer.


Punctuation has to be done very carefully since it can totally change the message that the writer is communicating to the reader. A small error can be very detrimental in destroying the whole essay’s effectiveness. Although punctuation is very simple it is very essential in understanding the meaning of the message. A wrong comma or semi-colon will make the whole meaning of the sentence different and the corresponding sentences will not be coherent with the whole paragraph. Thus the whole Custom Essay can be affected by a small mistake.


Capitalization is writing the first letter in upper case and the remaining letters in lower case. It has to be done under a number of situations that are specified under English language writing rules. Capitalization has to be done for pronouns, places and geographic terms, nouns and adjectives derived from nouns. The first word in every sentence is capitalized and so are honorific’s and titles of individuals. The capitalized word stands out from the whole essay and at times a word may be capitalized to emphasize a point.

Easily confused words

Many easily confused words should be used with special care while writing essays. These words are confusing because at times their meanings are so relevant for the situation that they can be used interchangeably. Certain words that are commonly misused because of confusion are affect/effect, all right/alright, all together/altogether, allusion/illusion and many more. These words basically distort the meaning of the sentences and make the idea weak. During the process of proof reading ad review many writings are revised because of such confusing words. A writer who is well versed with these externalities and is experienced does not tend to make these mistakes but since it is a confusing proposition any one may get carried away and the result would be a weaker argument. Thus these words should be used carefully so that the meaning is not distorted.

Foreign Words

Usage of foreign words should be avoided and if the need arises they should be used sparingly. At times the meanings of foreign words do not fall in line with the argument and writers use them to show off their writing skills. They are so excited about their writing skills that they do not realize how many times they have used foreign words; which are inappropriate to say the least. While using foreign words the readers should be kept in mind because it is not necessary that every one understands the words and they extent to what they mean.

Frequently misspelled words

Many writers have the tendency to use frequently misspelled words in their writings. The solution to this problem is that a writer should carefully assess what words or phrases he or she misspells and try to slowly and gradually remove them from their writings. Some words are similar in sound and while writing, writers can not distinguish between their spellings. Misspelled words leave a very bad impact on the essay and continuous revisions should be done in order to make the essay free from misspelled words.

Ten tips for better spelling

    • “i” always comes before “e” except after “c” or when it sounds like “ay” like in weigh and neighbour. There are exceptions like; either, height, leisure, protein and weird and some more are ancient, efficient and science.
    • Silent ‘e’ helps a vowel say its name. Like rate and rat, hide and hid, cube and cub.
    • When two vowels are together the sound is of the first one like, team and coat.
    • Learn spellings of plural nouns.
    • Break the word into syllables and practice.
    • Try making up funny memory aids.
    • Make mnemonics
    • Pronounce words correctly.
    • Practice continuously after making a list of errors that you make.
    • Do not rely on electronic spell checkers, they often miss errors.

Spelling plural nouns

There are different ways to spell plural nouns. They should be memorized to avoid any mistakes. Most nouns add ‘s’ to them like books, cooks etc. Most nouns that end with ‘ch’, ‘sh’, ‘s’, ‘x’ or ‘z’ ad es to them like boxes, buses and prizes. Nouns ending with a consonant ‘y’ add ‘ies’ to them, like babies, countries and spies. Nouns ending with ‘f’ and ‘fe’ become ‘ves’, like elves, loaves and thieves. Nouns ending with consonant ‘o’ become ‘es’, like heroes, potatoes and volcanoes.

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