How To Find Sources for Your Research Paper

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The daunting part in research paper writing is in finding the actual research material and sources. The available amount of sources makes a person overwhelmed, so taking specific instructions regarding the availability of information are mandatory. Acquiring the best information should be ensured in the most efficient way.

• The foremost things required to find sources for your research paper are a library and internet access.
• You should keep it simple so that your research does not go out of control.

• The first step to find sources for your research paper is the library. University libraries have great resources, especially the research based campuses. Initiate your research in the journals and books relating to your topic. It is must to look for scholarly journals so that your professor or teacher understands that you have put good effort and time in your search. Using recent works that is relating to recent 5 years than referring to something relating to past 20 years. Make it a point to find at least 5 or 6 written sources for an assignment of 5 page research paper.
• Take detailed notes and write down ideas and specific quotes to be used. Ensure you get all the information required for your research paper. This is essential so that you need not go back or refer the source again. On writing down the required information, write the work citation as well. Noting down each will save time by the time you are completing the research notes as all the citations are ready.
• On finding written sources, research online databases for scholarly journals electronic copies. Databases contain lots of information relevant to your topic and these databases are available through your university or local library as they are subscribed services. These are the best sources for your research paper. Though, initially it may take some time, you will find relevant sources in abundance.
• For additional sources, dig the databases and the links mentioned. You are sure to find abstracts of articles and full text articles. The information available in these is identical to the databases information.
• The final place that is appropriate to acquire sources for your research paper refers to the general search sites in Google or Yahoo. There will be sites that are apposite to form your source list. You can also include the available statistics and articles to augment your paper. However, ensure that the websites you are referring have credibility, so check for websites ending or .gov, so that they are accurate than .com ending websites. You can also verify the information before including it in your research paper.


• Avoid rushing over the research topics. The more time spent on searching the sources, the better will be your conducted research.
• Avoid sites that lack scholarly credibility such as personal websites, Wikipedia or even sites that sell or advertise something.
• Ensure to cite each source properly as improperly cited sources lead to plagiarism.

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Write a Research Paper in 10 Easy Steps

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Write a Research Paper in 10 Easy Steps

In order to write a research paper properly there are quite a few steps to be followed. There is not any hard and fast rule to follow each and every step chronologically. The following methods are proven to be quite effective in composing a research paper.

Choosing the appropriate title: In majority of cases, the title or the subject of research paper is suggested by the faculty or the respective professor. Otherwise, it is necessary to figure out the proper and suitable research title upon which one is willing to proceed the entire paper.

It is necessary to be specific: Unnecessary and irrelevant questions and arguments should strictly be avoided. The content should be interesting and brief and most likely should be specific. A well research is to be undertaken in order to brief up the points that are to be put in the content of the research paper.

Follow a Statement: The research paper should overall focus upon a statement. Each and every fact should revolve around the statement and should not be irrelevant. Otherwise the reader finds it difficult to sustain the interest to read any further and thus the paper would lose its success.

Find the proper sources: It is necessary to figure out the proper sources to extract correct and updated information in order to make the research paper more resourceful as a whole. In order to write a research paper one has to undergo a series of surveys and researches and depend upon the internet for certain information.

Organizing the sources: Once the sources are figured out, it is necessary to organize them, so that the relevant points can be put in sequentially. This process is really essentially to write a research paper. Organizing the points eases the composition.

Take Notes on the go: Taking notes while organizing and frame working the research paper would simply brief up one’s efforts. Even the mistakes and rectifications can readily be identified that is of great help before the final composition of the research paper is made.

Summaries and Paraphrases: The ability to summarize the content and using paraphrases at suitable places should be developed by each and every candidate. A summary must include a condensed formation of the entire facts and information in an unique way. A paraphrase is nothing but rewording a particular point among the sources.

Must be free of plagiarism: The content must be unique and self written. Nothing should be extracted and copied from anywhere. Otherwise it is likely to be accused of plagiarism. Thus it is necessary to put in one’s own words and sentences to write a research paper.

Create a suitable draft first: A rough draft of the entire research paper should be written before finalizing the project. This draft helps a candidate figure out the mistakes he has made and the rectifications to be undertaken. Once this is done one can proceed to the final composition.

Revise and revise again: Multiple revisions should be done in order to be sure that the research paper is error free and successful. Proofreading and revision ultimately ends up the process to write a research paper.

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