Writing a Statistics Thesis

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A division of applied mathematics associated with the anthology and analysis of quantitative records is termed as statistics. Statistics thesis means designing a study to analyze data in depth.

A statistics thesis may involve the application of sophisticated statistical techniques such as t-test, ANOVA, regression, chi-square and structural equation modeling (SEM) and path analysis. SPSS, AMOS 6.0, LISREL, multiple regression, factor analysis, reliability analysis (Cronbach’s alpha) and power analysis and SAS statistical packages are also used during preparing a statistics thesis. The result of the analysis has to be explained and written using proper citation method most commonly the APA style.

Appropriate graphics and tabular presentations should be created according to the style guidelines in a statistics thesis.
The scholar preparing a statistics thesis should evaluate data using selected statistical methods to obtain ample conclusions.
Here are some simple steps that would help you prepare a scoring statistics thesis:

Ø Start with choosing an interesting subject

Ø Formulate a unique thesis statement

Ø Mention your research methodology

Ø Gather important back ground information with the use of books, journals, encyclopedias and manuals as well as internet.

Ø Explain your ideas and view points

Ø Come up to a valid conclusion

Ø Discuss and argue your conclusion

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How to write an english thesis

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Preparing for a scoring English thesis requires a lot of work including reading, researching and writing and revision finally however professors may want to see some specific qualities in your English thesis.

The first thing to be addressed is the thesis statement. You have to build the tall building of your whole English thesis on your thesis statement. The argument you present must be strong if it is weak you wont get a good grade. A captivating English thesis must have a thesis statement that is argumentative, a bit controversial, analytical instead of being evaluative, about your English course, specific and well supported. Your statement should be in the first two sentences of your introduction preferably and in the first paragraph necessarily.

Research is the second main thing that can make your English thesis look extremely scholarly. A thorough research must include several books, journals, magazines, news paper sources and articles. Websites are also an ample source for gathering information but not a reliable one. You may find piles of data there but a lot of controversy too.

The proper use of words, terminology and appropriate grammar and sentence construction is another important aspect that you should carefully fabricate when writing your English thesis. Your English thesis isn’t about the real world instead about the English language and corresponding books. Pay special attention to the words you choose to impress your readers.

Closely following the guidelines of the citation style required by the professor is of utmost importance for the success of your English thesis. Thoroughly study the guidelines manuals of several citation styles available in your library or from internet resources to mould your English thesis accordingly and accurately. You should know all the basic guidelines of popular and commonly used writing styles such as APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago and Turabian.

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