h1>April Thesis

April theses were published in the Russian newspaper Pravda just after Vladimir Lenin returned to Russian capital Petrograd that is now known as Saint Petersburg. The famous Russian leader criticized several political issues in his speech that became famous as April theses such as the Bolshevik attitude to the First World War, the Provisional Government and included the suggestions to make a successful Russian government in the future for the sake of his people.

Lenin was the leader of the Bolshevik bloc of the Social Democratic Party of Russia who was a strong opponent of the Soviet's revolutionary defense movement. The revolutionary leader was in exile and returned to Russia in April 1917 and started a campaign of civil disobedience against provisional government in order to establish a total communist state where all people are equally treated.

The April Theses by Vladimir Lenin condemned the fact that the provisional Russian government is being strongly supported by the soviets and it was the beginning of the socialist reform of Russia. The April theses mainly addressed the poor workers, soldiers, and peasants and backed them up to get up and protest against the unfair division of power and money and to obtain equal rights everywhere.

A few important points from the April theses are mentioned below:

  • No support for the Provisional Government.
  • Confiscation of all landed estates
  • Nationalization of all lands in the country
  • The immediate amalgamation of all banks in the country into a single national bank

April thesis were announced in April of 1917. Lenin encouraged the workers of factories and agricultural lands to use their work force and labor power to get benefit from the lands and factories where they work. He made it a point that the poor labor people should get even share from the riches of their employers.