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 5 (Five) Paragraph Essay Body

The key method to get the 5 paragraph style in an easy flow is to make a mind map of the volatility of the whole body i.e.


1st paragraph  

2nd paragraph 

3rd paragraph    





This paragraph comes after the introductory paragraph of any essay body. Although it is the second paragraph of the body but as far as narrative attribute is concerned it comes first in making the detailed explanations and telling the readers what they are in for.


The statement of the details is in the form of testimony which is supposed to be authentic and genuine



The recitation of the material according to the standpoint of the writer is the key stone of this section. This section deals with supplying your inscription with:

A new perspective that should be genuine in approach.

Formatting the pros and cons of the text in a reasonable discussion


The initial section deals with the incitation of the gathered facts and figures and this one is concerned with giving them a dramatic emergence and a story like account which incites interest in the text as well as cuts down the possibility of striking with the writer�s block

Description: Simple Analysis

This part deals with describing and showing the reader what he/she is reading with a somewhat visual effect. It consists of spatial organization with the primary characteristics built on it and transfers the factual information to the reader in a first hand manner.

Functional Analysis

The designing of the essay body

The right proportion of the writer�s estimates towards the subject matter

Structural out sketch

Breaking down the approach to segmental summary

Process Analysis

It deals with developing of the body and involves handling the course of action with skill i.e. procedure of the narration to be followed

Directional Analysis

It deals with the particular flow of the essay and consists of:


Development of priorities

Visual communication

Clearance of the point of concern



Considering and contemplating with a critical angle


Examining the essay body as the pre requisite for the final editing

So it deals with the adding of last minute details or fine points that one comes up with

Specific Analysis Technique

This is a technique involving the concentration of the writer on his/her �I need� and �I need not�. At this point one should be clear and concise with the things to forego but since this is not the final editing so the left outs can be assembled or adjusted later on

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