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Essays that are plagiarized frustrate teachers

College life: attending classes, taking tests, and writing essays. The dark side to education is cheating. What?s wrong with cheating from a university?s point of view? They get paid, what do they care what students do with their educations? If they care about students getting real educations, then copying essays and cheating on tests prevents students from really getting educated. Even if they don?t really care about the students, they care about their reputation to provide educations. A cheating atmosphere where plagiarized essays are accepted by educators will cheapen their reputation.

It?s a myth that distance learning education perpetuates plagiarizing

Educators use an arsenal of online tools to help them identify students who are not writing their own essays but turning in plagiarized essays. Web sites exist that educators can use to submit essays to check them for plagiarized passages. One limitation with these sites is that they don?t always distinguish between a properly cited passage or a sentence that was passed off as original.

Argumentative Essay Topics online waiting for you

Argumentative essay topics will either make or break your grade as far as essay writing goes. Why? Because how strong a topic you pick pre-determines the content that you can use to make your point. You will find writing essays a huge part of your coursework while you work on your education. Argumentative essays demonstrate your knowledge of a topic, your ability to apply critical thinking, and your ability to organize and write effectively.

Education professionals assign plenty of essays for college credit

Here are some ways that you can find topics for your argumentative essays fast online:

? Read the news headlines. Go to any online news site and you will be bombarded with newsworthy topics in law, health, computers, etc. Pick one and get going.

? Look at professional debate websites. By this I don?t mean presidential debates, I?m talking about ?debate club? debates. They usually have a number of really good topics for argumentative essays.

? Type in ?argumentative essays? in a search engine. You should come up with results that can give you some ideas for your own essay.

Basically any topic that gets a reaction out of people would probably work for you. Hot topics for argumentative essays are hot because they pose ethical dilemmas to the people who are divided on where they stand. Make sure you apply critical thinking to your position so that you don?t just end up producing recycled dribble in your essay.

Contrary to popular belief, distance learning does not have a higher percentage of plagiarized essays. While the anonymity and distance makes it easier to have a culture of cheating, the statistics show otherwise. Educators speculate that the reason why students in distance learning programs write their own essay is because students who are using distance learning programs are more mature, responsible, and hard working (since most of them are adults working full time) than the wider pool of college students

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