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Persuasive Essay Topics in 10 minutes

Coming up with persuasive essay topics that work for you can be difficult. For many students working on their education, online programs require much writing of them.

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To cut down on your writing time, it?s best to follow the following plan:

1. Work out at a high level what the outline will be like. At this point, it will be more like a format than an outline since you may not have a topic yet.

2. Brainstorm topics.

3. For the top topics, work out rough outlines to see how much you either know already or can write about readily.

4. Outline your persuasive style essay.

5. Write your essay.

6. Read it when you?re finished to make sure it?s as persuasive as it can be. You might see sections that can use stronger language to convince the reader of your stance.

To ensure your essay writing doesn?t stall out after you pick it, pick an persuasive topic that you either know a lot about or you can easily find information about it. To be persuasive, you?ll need to present a few facts upon which you?ll build your argument.

That?s why for topics that you aren?t really strong on, it makes sense to pick topics that are being covered in magazines or newspapers. Newsworthy topics are of interest to other people right now. That makes it more likely that you?ll be able to find information on that topic more easily than something that is obscurely followed.

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