Getting Motivated for Writing

Writers sometimes require motivation to write the papers. There could be many reasons why the writer is not motivated. Maybe the student is too stressed out, is facing problems in his personal life, or perhaps he is not so familiar with the topic he is given to writing on.

Whatever the reason may be, to complete the task the student has to be motivated enough to go through the task at hand.

What is Motivation:

The word motivation is used in many different concepts like someone wants to achieve the higher positions in the class and is working hard for it; he would be called, highly motivated. Moreover, if a student doesn’t seem interested in class work and fails, he is likely to be said as less motivated. Perhaps these statements are to define a certain behavior of different pupils and do not deal with the actual process of motivation.

Why Motivation is Crucial in Life:

Motivation is the factors of the personality that keeps the person going for the set goal. Thus motivation is all about achieving objectives, aims, and deadlines; it is the energy to get the work done.

We set our goals every day. Thus motivation becomes the everyday phenomenon. Motivation is a crucial factor and a drive as it connects us with our goals. Based on motivation we link our self to the future, as we set long term goals and actually start struggling for it.

Setting goals in life in it is a crucial process in a life of a human being. Goals are setting showed how much willing and provoked we are. Goals are always determined by what we value in life and what is expected of any particular activity as a reward. It is the goals; short, immediate or long term shows what we want to be and how.

There are few suggestions to overcome the hindrances and writers block and feel free and in control again.

How to be Motivated to Write:

It has been observed that sometimes the level of self-actualization plays an important part in building up of the writer’s block. Self-actualization is the self-perception, like, who am I, what potentials do I have, and I am or not capable of doing a certain job, etc. Sometimes a distorted image of self is created in one’s mind which results in low self-esteem and confidence. This image along with meager self-belief leads to low performance and fear of taking up new challenges.

Ridding of the low self-confidence is not a one-day process and involves not only the efforts of the student but the teachers and family members. But for the writers, it is best that the topic he is to write about should be mastered first. The student should be reviewing the archived researchers, and other people’s works on the subject to get hold of it. Library research would be most helpful in this respect.

Knowledge is a power in itself. Once a student feels that he has some command on the topic, the confidence will boost, and the motivation sets in to write the paper.

It is a good chance that students are not motivated because they concentrate too much on the present and not consider future as much as they should be. Writing papers and research reports are to prepare for the future endeavors and this, the student must keep in mind. Though the student feels the exercise of writing useless at this stage but a deep understanding of writing a research report and papers are expected of the students at higher educational levels. One has to connect the present activities with the future and evaluate its benefits coming forth.

Even in the present, a student has to see paper writing’s immediate benefits. There are certain benefits that paper writing offers and top of all is the good grades. Though all of us go through the routine course work to obtain good grades but to many students writing various papers is about getting to know the world even more. It is a window and opportunity to gain more knowledge. That keeps them motivated to search for more. Most of the time, they discover facts that have been unknown to them and never have been taught in the class settings.

If gaining knowledge is what you think is not stimulating then to overcome the writer’s anxiety; try brainstorming. Brainstorming, free association, and clustering the information could free the mind of all the worries of following a set format. Brainstorming brings out the astonishing ideas to write about the topic at hand. The lack of ideas to write is no more a problem, and the students can write stress-free since they have now a pattern to follow.

Goal setting or identifying targets could be a good strategy. When a student sets a goal, no matter how short termed it is, achieving it would promote motivation to accomplish further. Goal setting is an ideal situation. Motivation is always there where there are goals and objectives. If you are not given a submission date, set yourself one. Even while writing a paper, divide each section according to its importance and set target dates to achieve them.

Never forget to treat yourself when you reach your targets. It is crucial to acknowledge your efforts. It will boost your self-confidence and promote motivation and zeal to write more. This way, high anxiety is reduced to the needed levels. You have to take it easy if you want your brain to work.

You can obtain an opinion about your paper from your friend, ask him to read critically the paper and make suggestions. More you can always take help from teachers and advisors while writing for more guidance.

Do not stop writing if you have completed the immediate assignment. Writing more and more would refine the writing skill and give you assurance that you can write better.

Remember; low motivation has no quick fix solution but is dependent on your efforts and enthusiasm. It is all about you being assured about yourself and potential that you can do it.