Why Most College Students Hate Writing College Papers?

The burden of pending work and more than one assignment deadline approaching makes a student nervous, anxious and reluctant to commence writing. Some students are deficient in the ability of writing a simple essay since high school days but the reason behind this may be the be deficient in of interest in the English classes or the failure of the writing instructor to explain and enforce writing in the classes. Many high school classes fall short in elucidating the basics of writing thus making more students flunk in the exam and hate the writing part of the curriculum. Many tutors do not methodically enlightens the different citation styles of writing term papers and thus the student is not at all clear on how to write it according to the required style, MLA, APA, Harvard or Chicago with proper referencing and formatting. The fear of doing it wrong leads to the reluctance students feel nowadays when their assignments are due. A few students just hate writing due to the overburden and shortage of time before submission while possessing adequate writing skills. They prefer if the syllabus of a term shows how many assignments are to be completed in a particular term and when to submit. It makes it a lot easier for them to write peacefully and within the time limit. A few students feel bored writing on the same topics again and again, and this boredom transforms into hatred for writing. It is often noticed that students are not confident enough to start writing on a topic or even to choose a topic independently. This may be because students don’t brainstorm before they start to write and do not bother to proofread their work by someone else a colleague or a teacher or even a parent in order to make the necessary amendments or sometimes to add an important point.

A handful of students often feel that writing term papers or college assignments is nothing more than the waste of their precious and valuable time. This logic may have a solid base that can be traced to the behavior of some instructors. They think that no matter how competent they are in the field of writing their paper would go unnoticed as the teacher won’t bother to read or even check it, and most importantly they won't be getting any grades and marks on it as the teacher will fail to co- ordinate with the students in order to comment on the work whether positive or negative. In a few instances, the students feel that the grades they got in their work are not appropriate or justifying and for this reason they feel they hate writing college essays and papers.


Creative writing is a fascinating field, and a lot of people enjoy writing articles, etc. a trend has been emerging in the students that they are not interested in writing their college papers and assignments. There are many reasons that can make students hate writing their college assignments such as the lack of the interest and ability to write competent and perfect college assignments. A few more valid reasons for hating paper writing are time shortage, multiple projects due together, poor spellings, grammar and English comprehension, lack of interest on the part of the instructor, faulty basics, lack of confidence in academic writing capabilities, failure of the teacher to explain important techniques and proper methodology of creative writing, bad grading and humiliating remarks on work done. The appropriate knowledge of the problems most students face while writing college papers may be the first step towards the correction of the problem and help the students write more accurately and effectively

Major Reasons for not doing College Papers