Meeting deadlines when writing a college essay or term paper

Deadlines as they sound by their name, constantly keep college students in a state of tension and panic. They are due dates mentioned by course instructors for the submission of an essay. Douglas Adams said:

Although many students make all possible efforts to complete their essays by their deadlines most of them fail to do so. There are many reasons for this problem, and this problem can be solved by keeping in mind the critical methods mentioned in this paper for efficiently meeting deadlines. When looking for reasons for why most students fail to meet deadlines, the main reasons found are:

-Most college students do not only attend classes but have full-time or part-time jobs --Many students have husband/wives and children.

How to meet a deadline when an essay is due in two weeks

To explain the steps that have to be followed when writing college essays to meet deadlines, let us consider the example of an essay that is due in two weeks.

-The first step on the first day is to select a topic. Next collect and think about any information that you might know which is related to the topic. Then after the collection of ideas and brainstorming is done, all the information relevant to the topic is to be written down.

-The next step is to be taken after a couple of days which to research the selected topic thoroughly. Research is the fundamental part of writing an effective essay, and if done in the time it contributes most to completing an essay within the deadline. It should be remembered the research should not take longer than two to three days. There are a number of sources that can be used for conducting the research about a particular topic such as books or magazines, the Internet. The internet is the speediest and most vast source for gathering information on almost any topic. Hence, it should be considered first. In the second phase of research, quotations that relate to the essay should be jotted down on note cards and these note cards should be kept carefully so that they can be referred when the draft of the essay is being written.

-The next task to be done on the fifth to the seventh day is to prepare an outline with a thesis statement and main points of the essay. There are some questions that have to be summarized and revised thoroughly during this phase such as

-Is there ample information to write the rough draft of the paper?

-Is more research needed?

In case more research is needed; the Internet is the source that is easily available at all times.

-Next on the sixth to eighth day the task to be done is to write a rough draft of the essay. When writing the rough draft the two important things to be used are the outline and main thesis and the note cards that have the quotations. To make the essay seem interesting, the first paragraph should begin with things like maybe a funny story related to the topic. Anecdote for the topic, any statistics or facts about the topic or anything of this sort. It is crucial to remember the importance of an attractive first paragraph of an essay. Even if writing an effective first paragraph takes a little long, it does not matter.

-The rough draft should be completed by the sixth to eighth-day finish.

-The essay should be thoroughly revised for any grammatical or spelling errors on the ninth to the tenth day. A good method to do this is to read the article out loud. Some important points that should be verified are that is there a main topic sentence for each paragraph that supports the thesis? Have transitions been used between the paragraphs? Are there any fragments in the essay? Are all the sentences clear and exact?. Hence after verifying all these points, the final corrections should be made in the article.

- The next task to be done on the tenth day is to ask an acquaintance or a friend to read the essay. This can also help to make some corrections and useful changes in the essay. After considering the suggestions put forward by the reader, make the final corrections.

-The essay should be checked finally for grammar and spelling errors again on the 11th or 12th day. This final check should be critical and honest check, in which the writer should ask himself the following questions- Does the thesis statement seem to pleasing and appealing? Does the thesis statement seem to be complete? Is the thesis statement supported well throughout the essay? Is a conclusion written that will create a lasting effect of some kind on the reader?. All the final corrections must be made now.

-Now, the completed college essay should be submitted on the 13th or 14th day. When these steps are followed for writing a college essay on a mentioned deadline will be helpful in providing a day or more in case of any emergency. The ‘last minute method’ always creates panic, and justice cannot be done to the quality of the essay. The most efficient way of meeting deadlines while writing college essays is to start the work early and to work on it every other day until it is completed. The same plan can also be incorporated if the deadline is of just two days, the only thing to change would be the time span between each task, the days should be altered to hours.