Why You Need A Professional Proofreader

Why Use A Professional?

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If you understood the above, you?ll understand why proofreading is an art that not everybody can do well, let alone master. It?s little wonder that typos are missed when our brains automatically see misspelled words as being correct. And yet sometimes those very same typos stick out like the proverbial sore thumb. Why?

Because they?re in the middle of correctly written words, that?s why! A professional proofreader will spot them immediately, but an amateur would most likely miss a percentage of the mistakes made in any written copy because he simply ?can?t see the trees for the woods? or?in this case??the words for the page?.

It?s important, therefore, that you ask yourself whether it?s worth saving a few dollars by dropping the proofreading stage and posting your copy directly onto your website, into your e-zine, or wherever else you choose to use it. After all, what do you imagine badly proofed copy will say about your professionalism? What you write, after all, reflects your character, intelligence, professional abilities and a whole lot more.

I certainly wouldn?t hand over my money to somebody who obviously wasn?t willing to pay a professional to write and proof his copy. If he?s that tight, what are the goods he?s selling likely to be like? Will they be wrapped well enough to take the kind of beating they?ll receive during transit? Will they have been stored properly? Where else is he cutting corners?

People put different values on their businesses. How much is your professional image worth to you?