How to Write a Perfect Admission Essay

A college admission essay is an opportunity for a student to explain himself, to reveal his personality, charm, talents, vision, spirit and other similar attributes to the admission committee. It is a good chance for a student to depict his thinking powers and the ability to write the thoughts down. To write an effective admission essay, there are three main steps to be followed


Prewriting comprises brainstorming, discovering strengths, creating a self-outline, finding patterns and connections.

-Writing the Rough draft

Comprises writing the introduction, body and conclusion of the essay roughly

-Final editing.

Comprises editing and proofreading

This process helps to determine the focus of the admission and search for the supporting details. While writing a college admission essay, the information that college admission counselors require the admission must be kept in mind (Three Steps to a Great College Essay). College admission counselors want to know that how a person can gather their thoughts and ideas, and then put these into writing an essay. The admission essay helps the counselors to see how well a student can follow directions and can successfully write an essay displaying their academic abilities in writing.

How to Write a Great Admission Essay?

The first step required for writing admission essays is properly interpreted the instructions provided for writing the essay. The central question the essay writer should understand is what the essay ask and what information is needed for the essay

To begin with, the student should make some notes about the intention of the essay. Next the student should ponder over himself and his goals for the future and on the answers to questions like:

  • What are his academic strengths and weaknesses?
  • -Has he won any awards in high school or junior college?
  • -What would make him an excellent student in their college?
  • -Why does he think he deserves a scholarship?
  • -What makes him unique?

After being assured about the right answers to these questions, the writer should begin with the rough draft of the admission essay.

There are some common mistakes that most students make while writing admissions essays such as failing to follow instructions or notably failing to answer the question or questions that are asked. The very essential step in writing a rough draft of the admission essay is to decide on an interesting paragraph or hook that captures the counselor’s attention. This hook can be a statistic, a fact, an anecdote, or even a few lines of a favorite poem, anything that would be relevant and could interest the counselor. The hook is important as it can grab the reader's attention and motivate the readers to read more. Another fundamental step in structuring the first paragraph is to write the thesis statement. The thesis statement should be such that it indicates the purpose of the essay with a brief preview of the main ideas of the essay.

Once the first paragraph of the essay is written, an outline of the whole piece must be formulated. This helps in organizing the ideas in a structured form. The next step is to write down key points to support the thesis statement written in the first paragraph. When writing about the conclusion in the outline, the student should write down a few sentences how he would close the essay. It should be remembered that a conclusion should give the reader a take-away value that will keep the reader thinking.

The essay should begin by writing a rough draft. Here errors of spellings and grammar can be ignored, and the focus should be on what the student wants to convey. Once the rough draft is ready, the student should read the essay to himself and listen carefully to the structure of the essay. He should think about questions such as has he answered questions asked? Is he really confident with the structure and content of his essay?. If the answers to these questions are affirmative, then its time for the next task. The next step is the modification step where the student has to rewrite the essay using correct punctuations, spelling, and grammar. Once this task is completed, it is time to edit the essay. One of the most significant but ignored things a student can do to have a great admission or scholarship essay is to make sure it is free of errors. It happens mostly that students do not consider small mistakes such as commas or another type of punctuation mistakes to make a difference, but in reality they do matter. A check of all the punctuations, capitalizing the nouns, transitions between paragraphs and mistakes of spelling and grammar should be conducted.

Following the steps discussed above guarantees a great admission essay (Keys to Writing Great College Admission Essays).