How to Write a Book Report?

The following is a summary of the steps to be followed while writing a book report:

-The first step is to read the book thoroughly and make careful notes about the subject and theme of the book.

-The writer should then gather the reading notes and the book and have them by his side as he writes his report.

-The reader should ask himself the answer to the question that what would I want to know about this book. And then proceed accordingly.

-The writer should look through his notes and decide, based on the length of the book report and his answers to the above question, what is important to include and what can be excluded.

-In the next step, the writer should state the main point of the book as answers to questions why did the author write the book? Or provide a brief plot summary.

-Then outline the plot or main ideas in the book or for fiction describe the story and key dramatic points.

-When writing the report, the writer should follow his outline as he writes the story, making sure to balance the general and the particular. A good book report will both give an overview of the book's significance and convey enough details to avoid abstraction.

-The last step is, to summarize, the overall significance of the book by answering questions such as what has this book contributed to the knowledge of the world? For fiction: What does this story tell us about the author's take on life's big questions?

-Proofread the report (How to Write a Book Report).

Detailed Explanation for Writing a Book Report

Writing a book report requires the skill of summarizing facts. The writer of a book report should be conscious of the logic or reason of writing a book report. The main intention of writing a book report is not only to read the book and present it as it is but to analyze the positive and negative characteristics of the book. The book report writer behaves as a kind of judge.

The first thing to do is to select a book. After choosing the book, the authors should conduct a thorough study of it. The book should be read with a specific set of queries, and one should try to get answers to this collection of questions. After having a thorough reading of the book, the writer can write the first draft of the book report. It is accepted that the summation of the book is an important part of the book report, for the writer should know the basic thesis and content of the book. But, this is not the only thing that should be considered. After writing a summary of the book report, the writer should move further by putting forward certain questions and at the same time he should also answer these questions. All the details found in the book need to be analyzed critically. Now the writer must explain answers to questions like what the hypothesis of the book is and whether the author has been competent enough to handle the subject. Has the author offered ample evidence to verify his hypothesis; what are the suggestions to upgrade the overall structure of the subject. All these aspects can be presented in an ordered mode.

From the above discussion, we can gather that a book report writer must be dispassionate so that he can make precise and suitable conclusions after reading the book. Therefore, we can break the whole book report into the following parts:





The book report writer can construct the first rough draft of the book and revise it several times. This revision is helpful towards further corrections of errors in the report. Nevertheless, the book report writer should keep one fact in mind while writing the book report. The writer should remember that writing the book report does not mean reproducing the contents of the book, this could be termed as plagiarism. Instead, the essence of a book report is that the writer should present details and argument of the book in his words. When ending a book report, the book report writer can mention the other sources he has referred to other than the book itself