An Awesome Guide On How To Write An Illustrative Essay

9. Use unique and specific examples in your essays and try to make them as personalized as you can. Real life stories leave a beautiful impression on the audience. However, you may use typical and hypothetical stories too. You should always make it clear to your readers what type of story you are illustrating mainly while using hypothetical examples by stating, let's imagine the case of…….this may create more interest and curiosity in your readers. You may also use a mixture of real, hypothetical and typical examples to make your essay more capturing and remarkable.

10. Feel free to use the exemplifiers from the English grammar. All students must be aware of the several exemplifying words used in English composition and grammar. A short list of these is provided to make it clear to you where and how to use them.

--For example, --Namely, --For instance, --like, --that is, --including and such as

11. You may also use the colons instead of the seven exemplifiers listed above.

12. You may organize your essay in different styles. You can start with a specific person and go on telling his achievements and contribution to the society in the main body and end up with the biggest contribution he may have made towards the humanity. On the contrary you can also start by naming a group of people who have dedicated their lives and money for the good of the mankind and in the end you may explain how one among them had made a difference by his contribution. Always remember that personalization is the key to motivating and exciting essay. Avoid using examples that are too common and much told.

13. You may be free to use as many examples as you want in order to explain your point to the readers but try not to overload the audience with too many stories. It is better to use 3-4 detailed stories to support your point and convince the readers.

14. Make sure that no matter how generalized your thesis point or kernel proverb is, every other sentence in the main body of your essay should be fashioned to specifically support your point to convince the addressees.

15. Every essay is comprised of an introduction a main body and a conclusion. The introduction mostly starts as a general discussion only to narrow down to a single statement, and that is the kernel proverb. The main body should support the statement and may have several paragraphs in order to help you prove your point to the audience. In this case, the three stories we have listed earlier will comprise the main body. Try your best not to diverge from the thesis point. In the end, you may conclude and prove obviously with the help of your stories, that the kernel proverb you have chosen is an original fact. You may restate your proverb here and make a concluding statement.

16. And last but the most important is the fact is to remember that revision is the key to successful writing. It is not only the key ingredient of creative writing but also gives you a chance to correct your mistakes and to tailor the piece of writing to perfection. Therefore, if you want to write a perfect essay of whatever type you must revise your work several times before submission in order to make it flawless.

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