Using Correct Grammar And Style For Term Paper

Mastering the basics of a language in which you write your thesis is one of the most important aspects of a successful paper. A few glitches and errors can be neglected, but there is no excuse for frequent grammatical errors. The more time your supervisor or examiner will spend in correcting the basics less will remain for the relevant issues and contents.

Word processors have made life comparatively much more comfortable and have become standard writing tools for spell checking, typo errors and composition misconceptions. It is a safe outlet to use a spell checker before submitting your work but never totally rely on it and use your mind and reread your text. It will help to bring out more options for improvement.

If you are having problems with styling a topic or an argument, it is always better to consult a friend or advisor for views and assistance. ?At some point, every piece of writing is as good as its writer can make it without outside review? (Thesis).

Some things to be avoided while writing your paper:

  • One important stylistic choice is between the active voice and passive voice. The active voice ("I measured the frequency...") is simpler, and it makes clear sense what you did and what was done by others. The passive voice ("The frequency was measured...") makes it easier to write ungrammatical or awkward sentences.
  • Using the phrase "this shows" (as a substitute say "evident in this fact is" or "This interpretation belies the idea that").
  • Confusing commas and semi-colons. A semi-colon can be used to connect two short, related sentences into a longer one
  • Trench warfare became standard during World War One; it was used in all the major confrontations.? A comma cannot be used in this way.
  • Broad, non-specific words like "good," "bad," "nice," "important," "vivid," and "thing". (Term paper)

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