Writing Term Paper Introduction

An introduction is the most vital part of a term paper. The introductory words that you write will determine the reader’s interest. Selection of words that characterize your topic, written in ways that may not be scientific or serious (e.g. quotes related to your topic, famous sayings etc.) is a good way to launch your purpose of matter. Introduction familiarizes the reader with your thesis and describes in brief comments what you are going to discuss and how have you thought, processed and dealt with the matter in hand. In the introduction do not overestimate the reader’s familiarity with your topic. There might be people who are aware of your subject but not specialized in it, so introduce to them in a way you think will be most explanatory yet concise and brief. This part is the basis and has to be written in words that compel the reader to go further and see what the rest of your thesis has to say. All your creativity and your writing skills can be used in this section to benefit.

The main feature to be mentioned while writing this section include:

  • The purpose of your thesis. Chief reason you are writing it.
  • The genre of your topic.
  • How you plan to approach this issue.
  • The major points you plan to cover, and
  • Why readers should be interested in your topic.

Term Paper Thesis

Writing Topic Sentences