Using and Writing Term Paper Integrating Sources

Integrating sources in a way that gives way to arguments, and their analysis bringing out more options then estimated are bound to enhance your paper. After close reading, compiling the sources and incorporating them, select your topic sentence and then move forward with the collected and compiled data.

Using these particulars you can analyze and scrutinize the sources and it is imperative that you balance each analysis and characterize its significance by your views and arguments.

The questions that crammed your mind while close reading are to be answered and interpreted in the composed form. Your answers should be supported by original arguments and facts.

Integrating the sources can be done in different styles. There is no compulsion as to how the original meaning is laid out, as long as it is articulating the deftness of the issue. Use of prose to emphasize the meaning of a problem or narrating quotes to define the connotations of a particular topic sentence creates an impressive body of the research paper.

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