Writing Term Paper Topic Sentences

Many fast-food chains make their profits by adding a special ingredient called "forget sauce" to their foods?? (Dorothy Turner)

The importance of a paragraph is determined from the opening line. A focus sentence also known as a topic sentence is the base point or the commencing of a particular item. This sentence has to be qualitative in a way to discuss what is to follow at the same time keeping the continuity with the whole theme of the term paper. If the sentence above controls the paragraph that follows, ?then all sentences in the paragraph must relate in some way to fast food, profit, and forget sauce? (Dorothy Turner).

The importance that a thesis statement has in a thesis is the value that a topic sentence occupies in a paragraph. The topic statement is mentioned so that further down it can be explained and reasoned about, thus setting the pace and the mood of the whole section.

A topic sentence has several important functions:

  • It substantiates or supports a thesis statement. It unifies the content of a paragraph, and
  • It advises the reader about the subject to be discussed and how the section will discuss it.

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