How to Write a Custom Essay That Earns an A-Plus Grade

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Writing an A+ essay was once a very difficult and complicated task for students as it took a lot of reading and hard work to gather and present information. Today, everything is just a click away and writers can gain easy access to the required information in seconds. Although the technology has brought a lot of ease and made the task easier, essay writing requires skills for comprehensive research, proper organization of ideas and a professional way of writing a paper to get good grades in their courses.

Majority of students undermine the need of writing a good paper, in fact, they just consider it as a time consuming activity. However, the importance of writing a first-rate essay cannot be undermined as it helps in the growth of a student’s personality and knowledge utilization. As essay writing is considered as a big challenge by the students, they can make use of few tips which will help them in writing an A+ essay.

Proper organization of a paper
There is a proper format of writing a good paper, whether it is a thesis or an essay. Students need to adhere to the outline which is usually followed in various institutes and recommended by the lecturers and professors. Usually an essay is divided into three main sections; the introduction, body and conclusion. All the sections are critical for a good essay.

In the first and second paragraph of paper, the reason for writing a paper must be provided by presenting adequate background information regarding the issue which will be raised in the paper and all the startup material which would be required by the reader to get an idea of that paper. The body of a paper must entail the detailed information regarding the paper, and all the arguments with facts must be included in this section. In case of presenting a number of ideas in the paper, each idea must be presented in a separate paragraph. This approach will not cause any confusion in the mind of reader. The last paragraph must have the concluding statement of an essay. The complete information of the essay is presented in the form of a summary.

A good paper always has facts
A well-researched paper can only be written by including authentic facts and figures as ideas supported by evidence always leave lasting impression on reader. A paper without these necessities can cost the writer his grade. However, the sources must be cited throughout the paper whenever writer uses outside information or else the chances of plagiarism increase.
Proper must not have grammatical and spelling mistakes

Once a writer has started his work on writing an essay, he should look at all the possibilities of any grammatical and spelling mistakes or else be prepared for B or C. In an extreme scenario, a paper with abundant grammatical and spelling errors and inadequate information, may also earn an F grade. Care must be taken that the sentences are concise, easily comprehensible and free from any grammatical mistake or spelling mistakes.

A paper must be thoroughly revised before submitting to the course instructor. It is important that the writer ensures that the paper is according to the details and meets all the necessary requirements for an A+ grade.

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How to create a good research paper topic

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A house that lasts a lifetime is built on a strong foundation. The analogy can be extended to a research paper, where a good research topic is critical in being the backbone of the paper. Thus the writer should be careful in choosing a topic in order to elicit a desirable response from his intended targeted readers’ audience. But how can one decide whether a research topic is good or not.

Before starting to write, the author of the research paper should explore his interests. It is always useful to exploit one’s sea of knowledge. Such an approach facilitates not only ease with the topic but also depicts command over the topic the writer portrays in the research paper. Further, the personal interest on behalf of the writer will motivate him to produce a piece of writing that was thoroughly researched and was not a victim of either procrastination or disinterest.

Another approach to choosing a good research paper topic can be to assess the data availability. Research papers always include literature reviews. However, careful consideration needs to be made whether the secondary data is sufficient to cover the needs of the paper. The writer needs to examine the study material to evaluate whether his hypothesis or argument of the paper is being satisfied with the data. On the contrary, at time the secondary data becomes burdensome. Excess inflow of information tends to baffle the writer who becomes perplexed in choosing what material may be best suited to his needs. In the end, the inability to limit the affect of secondary research may lead the research paper topic to sound vague and incapable of directing towards a single minded research analysis.

Whilst the process of choosing a good research paper topic one should be careful to arouse the reader’s interest. As goes the old proverb ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’; a similar case applies to research topics as well. While it may be easy to decide upon a common topic, it may not be able to yield a favorable response. The individual who may be reading the research paper might have come across the topic several times and may seem to have lost interest. Thus, in the end the paper is subject to an adverse reaction. Like ‘too many cooks’ too many writers previously may have contributed towards making it a mundane topic. Thus the writer should be careful in repeating the mistakes of his predecessors.

It is always crucial to assess the information requirements and interests of the reader to whom the writer will be directing his paper. A research paper topic may seem extremely interesting to the writer may prove to be a subject of concern or bias to the reader. Therefore, before deciding upon a topic, the writer needs to assess what would satisfy the reader’s appetite for knowledge. Such an approach emerges from the principles of marketing, where the customer is declared the king. In content writing, the reader then becomes the king in controlling the actions of the writer; application of the principles of demand and supply. By catering to the needs of the targeted audience, the writer will be successful in narrating facts that appeal to the reader and thus aid in developing a topic of appropriate concern for the research paper.

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Illiteracy; the downfall of American Society

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Illiteracy; the downfall of American Society

Illiteracy is a serious global problem that is confronting the world. It has its roots in the every corner of the world. This problem affects a significantly large part of the world and exists at various degrees across all countries, ethnic group, socio-economic classes and religious groups. According to estimates, more than 800 million adults in the world today are illiterate and in such a situation, there is a serious threat to the dream of making this world a better place to live in; a place free of poverty, hunger and conflicts. Although the situation is even worse in third world countries, the developed countries are also not a stranger to this problem. Even in United States, the rate of illiteracy is growing at an alarming rate.

Illiteracy in United States

“The illiteracy level of our children is appalling” (Bush, 2004).

These few words, said by the former US President, are sufficient to get an idea of the alarming and disturbing situation of illiteracy in the American society. The situation is not only affecting US children but according to statistics, a shocking amount of 44 million adults cannot even read a school level story to their kids. This is indeed a situation which has to be catered to for the revival of American society as it is ranked 12th in the literacy test amongst 20 higher income countries.

Problems Faced by Illiterate People

Illiterate people find very hard time in coping up with every field of life. They find it difficult to fill a cheque, to adopt understanding of the political and economic scenario and to communicate confidently with other people. People unable to read medical prescriptions usually indulge in serious medical illnesses as they could not understand their prescriptions.

Illiteracy poses a threat to the person in every aspect of society. This is especially true when an illiterate person tries to find a decent job to meet his personal and family needs. In today’s recessionary environment, where graduates from even eminent universities are finding hard to get a good job, people who are functionally illiterate are facing a very tough time even to earn a living wage. The recent data issued by national institute of literacy indicates that about forty six to fifty one percent of American adults are surviving on an income which is below the individual poverty level threshold. The main culprit for this apathetic situation is illiteracy and their inability to read

Impact of Illiteracy on US Society

Illiteracy is having a profound effect on American society. The increased number of illiterate juvenile crime offenders is the repercussion of the negligence to this grave problem in the past. Education is a tool to educate people about how to live a purposeful life and become a productive citizen. People who are not educated opt for every possible means to survive, and thus when in a desperate situation they get involved in criminal activities. This argument that illiteracy pushes up crime rate is supported by the findings of US Department of Education, which reveal that sixty percent of the inmates are illiterate.

How to deal with it?

Some serious and continuous efforts are required by the people belonging to every walk of life to eradicate this plague. There should be result-oriented efforts to increase the literacy rates in young and adults. Strong need of volunteering work is required for this purpose at every level. This is an important fight that American nation is fighting against the enemies of the society and no one can even think of losing it, and letting the country fail.

There is a dire need to reform the American education system and reach out to all the illiterate people. There is a need to understand the reasons why these people choose to stay out of school and find ways to motivate them to bring them back in the classrooms. As stated in the words of another former President, Mr. Clinton “literacy is not a luxury; it is a right and a responsibility. If our world is to meet the challenges of the twenty-first century, we must harness the energy and creativity of all of our citizen” (Clinton, 1994).


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Using Internet for Research Paper Writing

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Preparing a research paper was previously a task most of the students were afraid of as the job required in depth knowledge about the topic via a thorough study of the literature but what was even more difficult was to find easy to understand yet relevant literature regarding that topic. Nowadays, Internet has made this job really easy, even though still the worth of reference materials obtained from published “hard-copy” is more than information gathered through a source like Internet, but it is the amazing capability and charisma of Internet that has forced these academic journals to issue their online volumes as well, thus making the job even simpler. But even then, data mining from Internet sources can be very challenging at times because of the random distribution of information on the Internet


The difference between a term paper and a research paper needs to be understood properly. Where a term paper asks for assimilation of the literature available regarding any subject, its review and evaluation in one’s own words; a research paper needs generation of new data or hypotheses. The first and most basic step is to choose any topic on which research can be conducted. This topic need not be very broad in scope so that the process of drawing conclusions from the research does not depend on too many variables and constraints. This paper needs to convey something which is still not general knowledge that people already knows. The restrictions imposed by textbooks are generally difficult too follow in research but an adequate adherence to the basic fabric of research methodology needs to be kept all time.

As this paper is a research based project therefore too liberal use of pre-existing knowledge is not advisable, but in some instances scholarly sources can be quoted with proper citations.

The method of research over internet has been made difficult by the volume of information available on the Internet and random storage of information has made information retrieval different from a library research using a card catalog. A search engine works as an internet catalog card and by providing keywords a user can locate information, similar to searching the book name or author name in library catalog. The accumulation of data on most educational websites has forced them to include searchable indexes on their websites as well, thus saving time by allowing one to search every occurrence of any specific word or phrase at that site.

A lack of a standard for information quality is one reason why instructors still advice against too much reliance on Internet. But services like Wikipedia which allow its users to add, delete or edit the contents, thus propagating a picture which may get at times out of sync with the reality has played a huge role in this premonition. The peer review system used by printed journals is gaining popularity on Internet as well. In peer-reviews an article or piece of information is sent to external reviewers mostly experts in that area before printing, and after their approval of manuscript and establishing a general consensus over the standard and quality of work it got published. Most of the information obtained through Internet is not peer-reviewed. This gives a probability of unintentional inclusion of information which is plagiarized, has flaws of facts and/or interpretation, some sort of prejudice in opinions or do not have the deep and thorough analytical testing of the peer-reviewed literature. Similarly, temporal nature of information available on Internet asks for date of access of information with the citation.

But Internet offers many more benefits to research than its few drawbacks (which will be hopefully taken care of in due course of time). The first of all abundance of information without moving away from the chair one may receive in front of one’s eyes is really amazing. Couple it with the solutions of problems like selection of research topic, the currency of data and the information about the most distinguished workers in any field of study and Internet becomes the most powerful tool of research in modern times.


One of the drawbacks of Internet is that it can lure the user to perform misdeeds like cutting and pasting a sentence or paragraph from someone else’s work. This cheating from another source is termed as plagiarism, which is an intellectual dishonesty which in the professional world is treated just like stealing, lying and cheating. Plagiarism from Internet is very easy but catching plagiarized work sentence to sentence source to source has become even easier and instructors can, by using specially developed software, can catch it, therefore, it should be avoided.

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Strategies for Writing a Research Paper

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A good research paper is only as good as the effort that’s put into researching its content. The reason for assigning research papers is to judge a writers ability to search for relevant pieces of writing and incorporate that content and its understanding in the writer’s own paper. Research paper assesses the abilities of a writer to find out pertinent materials that could expand the writer’s research and would contribute in supporting and building an understanding of a subject.

Strategies for writing research paper include proper research using effective researching tools such as literary databases on the internet or from the library. The most important step in writing research paper is to collect valuable pieces of information. Literary pieces and essay alone don’t qualify for research material. Referring to periodicals, newspapers, magazines, and other informational guides can direct considerable amount of information. Consulting past case studies and periodical reviews adds prominent value and quality to research paper as their evaluation provides a keen insight in producing ideas and content of your own.

The next step requires finding relevant and effective material that would provide substantial content which contains accurate details that would help a writer construct a plausible and evidence-based paper.

Once the information is sorted out, the next step is to plan out the research paper. This step requires strategic and sequential placement of the researched information within the paper so as to construct an effective essay with proper flow of idea and information. Placing information in chronological order would help develop a constant flow of ideas in the research paper.

Surfing through various pieces of information could side track writers from the original objective of the paper. Hence before collecting information it is necessary to establish whether the selected research contributes to support the idea behind the constructed research paper or undermines it.

Research papers require establishing viewpoints with respect to the information that they represent. It is essential in this case to know that information appended with the paper generates the proper effect for the writer to establish his perspective in accordance with it. It is better to adopt certain precautionary methods before constructing the final draft of the paper by producing secondary drafts in order to rectify any mistakes that might have occurred in the process of writing. The secondary drafts should be reviewed thoroughly to nix unimportant and unnecessary content that hampers the flow of the essay. Once the review is complete, it is safe to construct the final draft.

Effective research papers are also determined by effective analysis of the data that is provided with them. Research papers don’t only require research and inclusion of external data but also require the analysis and interpretation of the research data. This is an important part of the paper as it assesses your ability to manipulate information gathered from your research in a constructive manner in order to support and establish the writer’s perspective. Through this process writers can learn to use researched data in order to establish a rhetorical piece of writing that interprets and recognizes the relevance of the data that is collected.

Hence, the above mentioned strategies can assist writers in preparing quality research papers that features relevant and considerable amount of information that can be elaborated and incorporated to improve and support the writer’s point of view.

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Why Custom Essays Generate more Attention than reused papers?

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Custom generated essays are more efficient in expressing personal intellect and potential. An essay produced by writers themselves reflects their personal perspective and perception that can add to further knowledge of the reader. Although, custom written essays require significant effort and the end product could be far from desirable, it expresses personal thoughts on the subject it interprets.

It is the individual identification of the writers which sets them apart from the rest. However, reusing essay paper with the intent of producing better essays is constructive but it strips away the incorporation of personal understanding from the essay that the writer wishes to express. It limits the possibilities of innovative and novel writing that could offer alternate viewpoints over a single subject.

By producing custom essays, writers can stretch the envelope by inventing new methods of writing that can influence to alter older prescribed methods.

Writers can find inspiring notes and eloquent quotes by referring to the work of other writers and previously written essays but channeling inspiration through ones own writing makes a greater impact which produces better and more powerful pieces of writing. Reused essay papers can influence writers to bend their thought and understanding and limit their imagination and the incorporation of their personal perception in their writing. This can greatly alter perceptions and the progress that writers develop through their own writing.

Personal creativity is an art that stems from the expression of individual thought and limiting that thought process to the understanding of another with the intent to produce effective pieces of writing only ruptures personal potential growth. Custom written essays shun older clichés and helps break writing ruts inventing more vibrant expression of thoughts.

The thought process in producing custom essays requires more research and effort to produce but the process only adds to the knowledge of writers allowing them to reinvent notions and create the writing that inspires many more.

An effective piece of writing is the one the expresses an individuals original critique and evaluation regarding any subject. In the attempt of a poor interpretation or understanding the process entails a learning process that only requires writers to get better in the task of writing.

Custom essays require writers to establish a construction of thought invoking preview that would invent new methodologies for constructing written pieces. The ability to do so is very limited when essay content is reused and reinvented. Moreover, the process of establishing essays with the help of reused papers can eliminate the essence of personal involvement with the subject. Some contents require writers to establish a personal account of a recollection which can only be channeled effectively through the interpretation of writers themselves. In such cases, it is difficult to produce effective written pieces through the help of reused papers because it effaces the personal and emotional immersion that the writers need to establish and portray.

Hence, it is important to construct custom written essays as opposed to reinventing previously written essays to produce effective writing. Limiting personal involvement by reusing papers only proves to rupture a writer’s ability to produce solid writing and add the personal signature that differentiates them from the rest. Adding a personal zest to one’s writing only increases the quality of essays which refurnishes preconceived notions about creating appropriate and powerful essays to produce effective responses from the readers.

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