Writing a dissertation

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Writing a dissertation is not an easy task. A dissertation can also be termed as a series of essays that are related to each other and cover the same topic. A document that is lengthy and gives the writer as well as the reader a real scare can be broken into four or five sections and each one can be written on its own.

Writing a dissertation in the above mentioned style may help the students and make it more manageable for them to handle their research writing process easily. A dissertation also tests the student’s aptitude to administer research work and document it appropriately and precisely convincing the readers of the points the student intends to prove.

Writing a dissertation starts with coming up with a research query or thesis statement. It is the query you want to probe and ponder upon to get the result you expect. You must choose your subject intelligently giving the priority to those questions that fascinated you for a long time.

A dissertation may be prepared in portions but there is a specific requirement regarding these sections that a PhD student must follow while writing a dissertation. The thesis proposal must have a thesis statement, an introduction, a literature review, a research methodology and a bibliography. The full document should start with a nicely done introductory chapter followed by main text body that presents all your research data. Your conclusion must be very clear cut followed by a discussion and suggestion section. At the end of the document a reference page or bibliography is a must. A summary of the dissertation also known as an abstract is also necessary while appendices, indexes and glossary are optional.

Writing a dissertation that can earn you a doctoral degree is not a piece of cake. You need to work hard managing your work within deadlines and just according to your supervisors’ guidelines.

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Writing a Statistics Thesis

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A division of applied mathematics associated with the anthology and analysis of quantitative records is termed as statistics. Statistics thesis means designing a study to analyze data in depth.

A statistics thesis may involve the application of sophisticated statistical techniques such as t-test, ANOVA, regression, chi-square and structural equation modeling (SEM) and path analysis. SPSS, AMOS 6.0, LISREL, multiple regression, factor analysis, reliability analysis (Cronbach’s alpha) and power analysis and SAS statistical packages are also used during preparing a statistics thesis. The result of the analysis has to be explained and written using proper citation method most commonly the APA style.

Appropriate graphics and tabular presentations should be created according to the style guidelines in a statistics thesis.
The scholar preparing a statistics thesis should evaluate data using selected statistical methods to obtain ample conclusions.
Here are some simple steps that would help you prepare a scoring statistics thesis:

Ø Start with choosing an interesting subject

Ø Formulate a unique thesis statement

Ø Mention your research methodology

Ø Gather important back ground information with the use of books, journals, encyclopedias and manuals as well as internet.

Ø Explain your ideas and view points

Ø Come up to a valid conclusion

Ø Discuss and argue your conclusion

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