Tips For Paperless Classroom Management

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Tips For Paperless Classroom Management

The article provides a very different approach in which Dan Davis discusses his experience as an English professor in both regular classes and paperless classes. This article, titled The Paperless Classroom. Professor Davis explores the benefits of a paperless classroom and slightly acknowledges the arguments against it.

I have trouble accepting an entirely paperless classroom, especially when it comes to English. I feel that the language is fundamentally speech, and it is necessary to use speech in order to effective teach English composition and literature. This is difficult to explain, but Professor Davis lists complaints other professors have about virtual classes, one being “the red pen.” He later states that with e-valuation, he does not write directly on the students’ work so they remain “pure.”

My most valuable possession is a collection of writing drafts with my professors’ comments in the margins. Yes, even some in red ink. I only wish I would have held on to more. I have four drafts of “The Hollow,” a poem I wrote in college. Each one has Professor Goodman’s comments and notes. I do not feel that I currently write poetry as well without this feedback.

Professor Davis may argue that I can get the same feedback through an online class. It is not the same. It is a different process. I think that our brains work differently when we type than when we write. I write differently on the typewriter than I do on paper. I don’t know exactly how to explain this, but it has to do with the differing fine motor activity. Handwriting requires different skill and different brain activity than typing. I write my papers by hand and then type them. I print most of the articles and some of the classroom discussion. And yes. I write on them, in red.

He also laments about a class he taught in a hanger. Well, the conditions were not ideal and as he notes, the students were exhausted. I don’t want to do anything for four consecutive hours. I do see how online instruction eliminates scheduling problems that lead to a class that is four hours long. I just feel a little insulted by his extreme examples. Like the bane of his existence was a load of paperwork that either wound up flying in the air or in a bin that he carried for two semesters that gave him back pain. It’s just a little too much melodrama.

This is not to say that I do not agree with most of what Professor Davis states in this article. Sure, I like online classes, and I firmly believe that hybrid courses are the ideal. There are many benefits to teaching online, but subjects like theater and English do require some interaction beyond email. I still plan to explore further. The site provides tools for instruction for elementary and secondary education. I will probably use both of the sites suggested by these articles. But I will do this because the resources are so good. Not because traditional resources are so bad.

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Current State of US Public Schooling System

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Current State of US Public Schooling System

The higher population of American children attend public schools since private schools are simply too costly and cannot be afforded by anyone unless they acquire scholarship and financial aid somehow. It is safe to say that the US public schooling system is flawed to quite an extent and immediate measures must be taken in order to make it effective again.

A Bad News

While many people do not realize it, the current state of public schooling system is on the verge of deteriorating since it is experiencing many issues that could ultimately lead to its end in the long run.

Highly Unsafe Environment

Since public schools have a massive amount of children from almost everywhere in America, there is a high chance of violence; which leads to more issues in the future.

  • A violent environment can harm both students and their curricular activities.
  • The reason why public schools are the ones facing violence on a daily basis is because of the fact that there is less surveillance and most children get away with their foul conduct.
  • According to many advanced surveys, public schools have a high drug usage rate, which is contributing to the fall of this US schooling system.

High Rate of Drop-outs

The US public schooling system, in other words, is facing a crisis in the present times. This can be easily concluded after examining the drop-out rates of the students who attend these schools.

  • The statistics show that a shocking more than half of the population of students in these schools have been dropping out immensely due to low grades, personal reasons, violent behavior and mental disorders.
  • While both the urban and rural public schools are facing complexities, the rural schools much more difficult problems that are increasing through every passing day.
  • The public schools in urban areas may have higher attendance; however, the school staff fails to prepare students adequately for the practical world they must face after completing school.

Lack of Opportunities and Personal Space

Another prominent disadvantage of the current public schools in America is the fact that both intelligent and good students are lost in the huge crowd.

  • While these children can get great chances if they were in private schools, they are left behind since public schools don’t offer a bright future.
  • The current state of the US public schooling system is falling since even the classroom conditions are worsening. Most schools cannot fit the entire amount of students; therefore, the rooms are scrammed. Such disappointing factors have contributed to bring US public schooling system where it stands today.
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How to Research for your Research Paper

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Research for your Research Paper

When it comes to the important matter of researching for a research paper, individuals are recommended to spare a good amount of time in order to come across some valuable information. The art of researching lies in giving it maximum time since only then can people actually find something meaningful and worth mentioning in a research paper. There are many other things that should be considered before beginning with the arduous task of writing a research paper. One of these things includes finding an appropriate topic in the first place.

Finding Topics and Sources from Internet:-

Internet or Books:

The internet can really be a helpful place to begin the research from. Books however are immensely significant and must always be consulted when it comes to confirming the credibility of any topic.

Authenticity of Sources:

Individuals are advised to look out for authentic sources, which are mostly used by all the other researchers across the globe. By doing this, not only do people increase their chances of having a successful research paper by the end but they also opt for an easier and original way to put content into the paper in the long run.

Taking Notes:

In the process of researching for a custom research paper, taking thoroughly detailed notes is likely to help a lot in the near future since that tends to make the entire process simple to follow and manage, when it comes to the task of actual writing.

Internet, Articles and Books

A very common tip to save both time and energy is to always use internet and books at the same time since it allows people to accumulate a massive amount of information and that too, in a short period of time without having to struggle too much about the matter.

Solid and Credible Sources:-

Some of the reasons why credible sources are important are as follows:

  • While researching online, it is always wise to look out for articles and content which has strong credibility or is recommended by other researchers and individuals since a research paper which lacks credible sources is no good and does not allow people to score perfectly.
  • The other material which must be checked out includes audio clips, videos, demonstrations, PDF manuals and much more.
  • The key to conducting perfectly adequate research for a research paper is to always remain relevant and focused to the main topic as once the researcher deviates from it, the entire purpose of writing a research paper goes to waste.
  • Credible sources are easy to find and all the good ones to mention in a research paper involve documentaries, books, articles, movies, real life people and television shows.
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Expecting an A+ in your term paper?

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Watch out for the Terrible Errors frequently seen in Term Paper Writing


Writing a term paper is just like opening a window for your instructor to peek inside your head and get acquainted with your creative skills and intellectual level.


Good grades are a dream of every college student but it does not come true that easy. Want to know why? Continue reading!

According to the teachers and professors the most commonly encountered mistakes made by students trying to come up with a nice term paper are as follows:


Theme Selection, Thesis Statement and Study Objective

The selection of a theme for your paper is the most important aspect of this part of academics. Some students select a topic that is too wide to research and to put in pages as required by the teacher. However, there is another group of students who select a topic so narrow that they can’t get enough information to fill up the required pages. In both cases the paper is termed as incomplete. Similarly if the objective of the study and the facts presented are not linked properly to prove your thesis statement students lose their ground.


Citation errors

Inadequate knowledge of the required citation style and improper formatting of the paper is another big slip up that students often make and get a F while hoping for an A.


Grammatical boo-boos

Ignoring basic grammar rules and making spelling mistakes or use of incorrect homophones or punctuation exerts a very bad impression to the reader.


Exploration Approach Blunders

Mentioned below are some inappropriate researching methods that can ruin the tone of a term paper.

  • Irrelevant data collection
  • Improper or inadequate analysis technique
  • Use of obsolete literature reviews
  • Failure to create a clear link between data collection and research topics
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How to Proofread and Edit your own work

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Is Proofreading Important?

Students, novelists, bloggers and freelance writers all pen their thoughts and ideas to grab the reader’s attention or to get excellent academic grades. No matter how unique a topic you chose for your paper or what amount of accurate information and innovative thoughts you have covered in your paper, if it is flooding with the grammatical bloopers, typing slips, way-out sentences or you left the spelling to the auto-correct, it can shoo your readers away.

How to do Effective Editing?

Editing does not require any particular training or skill but practice. Your work is your creation, so do not let it go to a waste basket.

Proofread like a pro with these do-it-yourself tips on editing to improve the quality of your work as well as to avoid any embarrassment and disappointment

  • Start with a fresh mind, concentrate and start reading backwards to focus more on the text rather than focusing on the idea or story.
  • Finish writing your article before you start editing; if you want to add a couple of words in any sentence at eleventh hour be sure to check the whole paragraph at least twice to eliminate any inaccuracies.
  • Take a print of your work and use a ruler to emphasize on one line at a time.
  • Look out especially for the homonyms, missing punctuation like commas, periods, question marks, abbreviations, apostrophes, contractions and most importantly capitalization.
  • Cover different errors like grammar, spellings and format in different passes.
  • Check dates, quotes, links, tables, diagrams, references, cross references, title page and bibliography separately.
  • Take a break, breathe fresh air and do it again, ask a friend or relative to proofread it for you.

By following these simple tips you can give your work a finishing gleam and make it a fun read for your audience. You can also ask expert editing and proofreading team for their service.



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8 Steps for writing a research paper

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Want the best research paper for your course?

To be able to get the top class research paper it is essential for you to know what a research paper is? A research paper is a required part of academics. The steps for a winning research paper are.

  • Select a topic that interests you or assigned by your teacher.
  • Ascertaining the purpose of the research paper.
  • Find worthy sources. Give priority to websites, books, academic or expert journals, and interviews with experts.
  • Write an operational thesis statement built on the aim of the research paper. A thesis statement abridges the general point of a paper by creating a statement and then listing points that will be used as indication to support it.
  • Collect and assemble the “body” of the essay. The body of the essay is where all the data is put forth and examined.
  • Write the conclusion. Now that you have sensibly worked through your validation, write a wrapping up that concisely summarizes your results.
  • Revise the research paper and form a final draft. Read through the paper at least two or three times. Make sure all of your declarations are supported up by sources, look for any spelling, grammar, punctuation, or word selection mistakes.
  • Make a works cited page. This page comprises all of the sources cited in your research paper.
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Fungal Meningitis Outbreak in USA

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What is Meningitis?

The swelling and inflammation of the membranes covering the brain and spinal cord (meninges) is known as Meningitis. This results from an infection of the cerebrospinal fluid that is present inside the skull around the brain. It is a morbid infection with a high mortality rate if not diagnosed and treated promptly.

What causes Meningitis?

There are several kinds of meningitis, among which viral meningitis is the most common However, bacterial infections resulting due to influenza bacillus, Neisseria meningitis and strains of pneumococci, streptococci, or staphylococci can lead to severe meningitis that can be life threatening. Another type of rarely found meningitis is of fungal origin caused by Cryptococcus and Histoplasma. It can be acquired by the inhalation of yeast cells. It is mostly seen in immune compromised patients such as those receiving medications for the treatment of diseases like cancer or organ grafting. (Roy Benaroch 2012). Parasitic meningitis and Noninfectious meningitis is often seen in hospitalized, critically ill people suffering from cancer, SLE or as a result of brain surgery or head injury.
Signs and symptoms

Meningitis may start as a simple, innocent looking fever, but other signs and symptoms also develop quickly. These include chills, photo sensitivity, neck stiffness, delirium, blurred vision, nausea leading to projectile vomiting and severe headache. Complications like bulging of fontanelles in children, agitation, altered consciousness, Opisthotonos (unusual posture with neck arched backwards) and rapid breathing may occur.

Fungal Meningitis Outbreak in USA

Recently the health officials are looking into cases that look like an outbreak of fungal meningitis in several states of US. According to the Center of Disease Control in Atlanta, at least 200 cases (19 deaths) have been confirmed in fifteen American states with highest incidence in Tennessee, Michigan and Virginia. All of the reported cases supposedly received steroid (Methylprednesolone acetate) injections for joint pain. (Julie Steenhuysen, 2012) Authorities claim that perhaps the steroid injection vials have been previously exposed to fungus called Exserohylum that grows in grass and rotting wood. (Julie Steenhuysen, 2012). The distributor, New England Compounding Center in Massachusetts, has been instructed to halt all operation and to recall all of their dispatched products for inspection.

Need help with Meningitis research paper or Essay. Contact Us

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Rare Fungal Meningitis Outbreak in United States
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Promoting Exercise as a Beauty Essential

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The benefits of exercise in terms of the beneficial impact on beauty have long been established. It is suggested that exercise improves skin complexion by regulating blood flow and it decreases obesity. The proposed paper evaluates the link between beauty and exercise in a scientific manner and explores the relationship between the two variables. The paper discusses various elements of the two variables to form a relationship.

Literature Review

Significant work has been done pertaining to the effect of exercise in beauty. Clarke & Griffin (2007) mentions energy expenditure due to physical activity is the most variable of our total energy expenditure (15% in sedentary individuals and more than 50% for a person practicing intense physical activity). Often expressed the energy expenditure associated with a given activity “PAL” (physical activity level): report of the total energy expenditure in the resting energy expenditure (Sarwer, Grossbart, & Didie, 2003).

For men, the risk of overweight increased significantly when the PAL is less than 1.8. For women, it seems that the threshold is closer to a PAL of 1.6, which means that exercise produces a slimming effect on women more easily than men (Todd, 1998).

Bell (2007) discusses another effect that occurs with regular exercise: the body adapts and prepares to make this effort regularly. To do so, he learns to eat more fat quickly (in case of stress, muscles consume sugars, then if the effort continues fats, which normally takes several tens of minutes). This extra fat consumption continues after the effort, which also reduces the unwanted cravings (due to a lack of sugar) and helps to maintain a sensible diet (Bell, 2007).

Everything happens as if the exercise allowed our bodies to learn (or relearn, as in our youth) to burn fat. Although the effects of exercise on lipodystrophy are unclear, a mixture of aerobic and resistance exercise may help to reduce the accumulation of fat in the abdominal area. Resistance training (with or without aerobic exercise) can improve the weight and constitution, which gives a body mass index and lower arms and thighs bigger, good news for people with syndrome HIV wasting (Bell, 2007).


The proposed research method for this paper is secondary research analysis. The purpose of secondary research analysis is to learn from the contribution of the researches which have already been done on the topic. It is an important phase of the research for it saves wastage of resources by repeating what has already been done on the topic. Secondly, it helps to refine the research problem and to give direction to the research.
Researches in the area of internet governance are relatively easy to access for they are widely available through different research portals (Welman and Kruger, 1999). Also, the focus of the research will be much better identified through secondary research for gaps in existing knowledge will be found out.

It is also possible to employ expert interview for this research. Expert interview is a qualitative method of research which involves in-depth interviews with a research participant. The interview is not entirely structured and involves considerable skill of the researcher to probe into various aspect of the research (Holloway, 1997).

This method brings to light several aspects of the problem which were originally not part of the study. Analysis of secondary research will be done using thematic analysis in which transcripts of interviews will be selected for their relevance to the research problem. Convenience sampling method will be used for selecting the participants for expert interviews.

The research will be qualitative given the nature of the research questions and its findings. It is anticipated that research findings will find a relationship between two variables through this approach because of time and resource constraints.


The paper discussed various elements of the two variables to form a relationship. It is concluded that the research will be qualitative and considerable work has been done on this topic to identify relationship between health and beauty.


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Welman, J., & Kruger, S. (1999). Research methodology for the business and administrative science. Johannesburg: International Thompson.

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Importance of Health Education for Teenagers

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The health of children and adolescents is a highly important priority for any state. It is the responsibility of the department of health to implement health measures aimed at protecting and promoting the health of children and adolescents. Prevailing in the system of organization of medical care for teenagers consists of three parts: clinics, hospitals and sanatoriums (Charles and Heaven). Children’s clinics and outpatient clinics have a leading role in a wide range of recreational activities for the development and education of teenagers, improving the health of the younger generation (Mahfouz and El-Said). Adolescent health in US is one of the most important national problems. Health to adolescents includes systematic monitoring of their health and physical development through annual in-depth medical examinations, as well as, educating them to take care of their health themselves. Education is essential for early detection and prevention of various diseases. The paper discusses the importance of health education among teenagers and various initiatives for health education of teenagers.


The importance of health education for teenagers is high since the effectiveness of health education at this level has long-term impact on national health. Policy makers are beginning to realize that adolescents as a group has been underserved by society in general and schools in particular. Coleman & Roker (1998) states “People ignored the basic needs of their young, too often scrambling to fix one problem teenagers at the time, instead of to work to prevent them. entire age group is at risk, not just low-income or disadvantaged teenagers”. There are some critical elements of teenage health education which are most important to be addressed.

Alcoholism The rate of alcoholism among American teenagers is on the rise. Till date there has been very low attention to preventive measures are not involved in the media (or insufficiently), inefficient government or community programs, is not highly effective special methods of dealing with alcoholism and drunkenness among adolescents, etc. Prevention of adolescent alcoholism has medical and social side (Stanner). Medical side comes to health education, as well as identifying individuals at increased risk of teenage alcoholism.

Health education is reduced to disseminate information about the dangers of alcohol to the health of adolescents and the first symptoms of the emerging alcoholism. For teens, medical information is presented together with the social (Mahfouz and El-Said). Teenagers associated drinking with growing older and gradually accept it as normal behavior, no longer see the obvious harmful effects, and often hear from adults who drink the contrary to the information (Baker). This explains the negative attitude to the promotion of alcohol among teenagers.
Prevention of adolescent alcoholism must be taken care through the following communication channels: lectures, pamphlets, talks, books, films, radio programs, television programs. A highly essential element of teenager health education is identifying teenagers at high risk for alcoholism. Teenagers at high risk for alcoholism are teenagers living with drinking parents, communicating with friends drinking, teens who are away from home, skipping school, drive to the police, non-sustainable and teenagers from orphanages (Stanner). It is important to focus health education pertaining to abstinence on this group. In a survey of young people were divided into two groups: those with moderate habits, and with a negative attitude to alcohol. It turned out that 67% of adolescents with moderate habits after 2 years began to abuse alcohol, and only 7% of adolescents in the second group began to abuse alcohol. Teenagers with a penchant for alcohol should be under constant supervision.
Drug Abuse Teenage drug addiction first began to emerge in the U.S. and other Western countries in the late 50’s and continues to be a national concern since then. Scientists studying drug abuse among adolescents, noted the following age-specific features:

– Periodic abuse without dependence on drugs dominates formed addiction.
– Teenage drug addiction is constantly rejuvenated
– Teenagers have learned to synthesize drugs from pharmaceutical drugs, which are highly toxic and mortality

Teens tend to experiment and alternately try different drugs. Teenage drug addiction develops because of the impact on adolescent social and psychological factors, especially in adverse biological background (alcohol or drug abuse in the parents, unstable, etc.).Drug abuse among adolescents treated seriously, this is due to the fact that adolescents seldom give voluntary consent to the compulsory treatment of drug addiction, and therefore, the role of education is highly important (Baker).

Prevention of adolescent drug abuse must begin with health education. Health education must aim to uncover the terrible damage that drugs can deliver. However, even the most robust and effective prevention of adolescent drug abuse will be ineffectual if the teenager will be surrounded by adults who use drugs (drinking – is a type of drug), or particularly close friends. In adolescents, it seems that all the programs about the dangers of drugs greatly exaggerated the harm of drugs, created a false notion that if one wants to quit then it is easy to quit, etc (Mahfouz and El-Said). Education of adolescent drug abuse should be conducted by experienced professionals who are able to identify adolescents at risk.

Sex Education Improving hygiene awareness among young people is possible only with proper sexual education. Sex education of the younger generation is a matter of great national importance. It should be actively involved doctors, teachers, educators, lawyers, etc. Young people should get the necessary information on sexual health, gender relations, risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases in sexual promiscuity (Mahfouz and El-Said). Typical lecture on sexually transmitted diseases should be developed by medical specialists and staff houses of health education. Health education lectures should be designed for a specific audience and the appropriate level of knowledge of a given population.

Health education of teenagers and younger population is much more than the study of nutrition classes in order to provide nutritious food or a demonstration on how to brush your teeth to provide oral healthcare. Health education of teenagers entails working with parents, families and communities to create an enabling environment for youth. Health education is sensitive to the social stigma faced by children like Kelly (Charles and Heaven). Health education includes enabling teenagers to make choices based on critical thinking in order to understand the fortress to protect themselves, the development of values that promote personal growth and useful activities, to understand interpersonal relationships and the development of satisfying human relationships, developing the ability to think for themselves caring for others, for family for school children and the extended community.

Teenager Health Education in US In US, health education is an integral part of the education reform. Two very powerful movements in education reform say about the role of health education in pre-service teacher education and professional development programs for certified teachers. The first includes a comprehensive model of school related services for the organization of schools and teaching. The second is the development of specific subject matter standards for student achievement. As in other subjects, standards of health education provide a basis for assessing student learning, organization of the content of curricula, educational focus, and, indirectly, to focus on the training of teachers.

Teachers and administrators who use these standards as a guide for the selection and design of training programs may include normal content areas: public health, consumer health, the environment, health and family life, mental and emotional health, injury prevention and safety, nutrition, personal health, disease prevention and control, as well as drug use and violence. However, interesting educational approach proposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Charles and Heaven). It is the organization of teaching units for adolescents in all risk behaviors: tobacco use, diet that contributes to disease, lack of exercise, sexual behaviors that lead to HIV infection and other sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, alcohol and other drug use, behavior that result in intentional and unintentional injuries (Stanner).

Formation of National Health Education Standards A highly important initiative to promote health education among teenagers is formation of National Health Education Standards. The objectives of National Health Education Standards are:

1. Youth will understand the concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention.
2. Youth will demonstrate the ability to access valid health information and promotion of goods and services.
3. Youth will demonstrate the ability to practice health behaviors and reduce health risks.
4. Youth will analyze the influence of culture, media, technology and other factors on health.
5. Youth will demonstrate the ability to use interpersonal skills to enhance health.
6. Youth will demonstrate the ability to use goal-setting and decision-making skills to enhance health.
7. Youth will demonstrate their ability to act as personal, family and public health.


The paper discusses the importance of health education among teenagers and various initiatives for health education of teenagers. It is concluded that teenage health education is much more than study of nutrition classes in order to provide nutritious food. It is found that impact of teenage health education are long term for a nation’s health and consequently highly important.

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Dissertation Defense

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Dissertation defense is often regarded as an event that educes anxiety in the candidates about the questions that they have to face. Preparing your dissertation defense like a simple presentation will help you come over the worries that can make your dissertation defense worst. If you have your research done thoroughly and the date of your dissertation defense is already set than relax as it means your work is done. You just have to present your research in a confident and scholarly manner to win your dissertation defense.

When you prepare yourself for the dissertation defense you should consider the psychological and subject related issues of your research. You usually get a month’s time to prepare for the verbal defense after you submit your dissertation. This time also allows the committee members to read your paper. The best thing you can do during this time is to relax and plan your dissertation defense. The factors that really help your handle your defense dissertation well are

Self confidence

Thorough knowledge of your dissertation

A good perception of your committee

As soon as you get your dissertation defense date confirmed start reviewing your research queries as well as your research methodology and analysis of the whole issue. Rehearse presenting your conclusion as clearly as you can. The best thing to do at the dissertation defense is to stick to your ideas and try to spotlight the strong parts of your research while diverting the discussion on the points that you think are a bit weaker.

Furthermore practicing your dissertation defense with a genuine audience such as your fellow scholars or any other teacher way before your dissertation defense is due is a good idea. It will give you new questions to prepare as well as boost up your confidence too.

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