Best Way to Write a Literature Research Paper

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The best and appropriate ways of approaching a literature research paper implies on the introduction as well the literature review presented. These sections are regarded to be very tough to write and hence following the standard steps in writing the literature research paper review sections as well as introduction is ideal for any academic research paper.


• The first step is to explain the work or problem that you are researching. This should be done by describing the issue or by emphasizing the need for focusing on the research project.
• Second step is to initiate the literature review generally and then to slowly progress into the related and specific emphasis of your research project.
• Third step is to focus and write on general themes that are related to your research topic. Similarly, ensure that there are no gaps in research as this will reflect in writing.
• Fourth step is to indicate specific questions on the research paper that your project is facing. This will give room to add your recent review on the topic.
• Explain the importance of project and its focus, besides the variation of the previous research on the same topic.
• Rewriting as well as revising it several times is mandatory. This should be done by taking considerable amount of time so that you do not miss anything or re-write something already mentioned. Take assistance of some sharp proofreader so that they indicate the sections that do not flow smoothly or sections that fail to make sense.

How to approach
• Approaching a literature research paper firstly depends on making it readable. This can be done by using a standard font such as Geneva, Times, Bookman with point 12. It is best if the text space is double spaced with margin 1 inch on one side. Beginning each section on a new page is suggested and adhering to page limits is best.
• Mistakes that can be avoided are positioning a heading at the page end or on the next page. Similarly, confine a table to a single page and submit all the pages in an order.
• Staying focused to the topic of the literature research paper is mandatory. Each important point should be specified in separate paragraphs and indent the foremost line of every paragraph. Specific results can be described in past tense, while the report and the facts should be in present tense.
• Present the points in a systematic and logical order. Strictly remember to avoid using jargon, superlatives or any slang terms and even informal wording.

• It is impossible to employ active voice as it would focus the attention of the reader towards the investigator, than the work. Hence, writing employing third person passive voice is recommended.
• Using normal prose in every section and completing sentences, helps in comprehending the literature research paper.
• Omit all irrelevant information and save detailed information for discussion.
• The purpose and illustration should meet your need of research paper to make the objective complete.

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