How to Research for your Research Paper

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Research for your Research Paper

When it comes to the important matter of researching for a research paper, individuals are recommended to spare a good amount of time in order to come across some valuable information. The art of researching lies in giving it maximum time since only then can people actually find something meaningful and worth mentioning in a research paper. There are many other things that should be considered before beginning with the arduous task of writing a research paper. One of these things includes finding an appropriate topic in the first place.

Finding Topics and Sources from Internet:-

Internet or Books:

The internet can really be a helpful place to begin the research from. Books however are immensely significant and must always be consulted when it comes to confirming the credibility of any topic.

Authenticity of Sources:

Individuals are advised to look out for authentic sources, which are mostly used by all the other researchers across the globe. By doing this, not only do people increase their chances of having a successful research paper by the end but they also opt for an easier and original way to put content into the paper in the long run.

Taking Notes:

In the process of researching for a custom research paper, taking thoroughly detailed notes is likely to help a lot in the near future since that tends to make the entire process simple to follow and manage, when it comes to the task of actual writing.

Internet, Articles and Books

A very common tip to save both time and energy is to always use internet and books at the same time since it allows people to accumulate a massive amount of information and that too, in a short period of time without having to struggle too much about the matter.

Solid and Credible Sources:-

Some of the reasons why credible sources are important are as follows:

  • While researching online, it is always wise to look out for articles and content which has strong credibility or is recommended by other researchers and individuals since a research paper which lacks credible sources is no good and does not allow people to score perfectly.
  • The other material which must be checked out includes audio clips, videos, demonstrations, PDF manuals and much more.
  • The key to conducting perfectly adequate research for a research paper is to always remain relevant and focused to the main topic as once the researcher deviates from it, the entire purpose of writing a research paper goes to waste.
  • Credible sources are easy to find and all the good ones to mention in a research paper involve documentaries, books, articles, movies, real life people and television shows.
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Easy Steps for a Top Notch Research Paper

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Writing a Top Notch Research Paper

Never underestimate the importance of a research paper. History has shown that a well done research paper can actually change the face of the world.  That is why it is well to know what writing a top notch research paper is all about.


A research paper is just that.  It focuses on one or two particular things that others can rely on to further their goals.  Let us say for example that your research paper focuses on contaminated ground water.  It calls for knowing what contaminants are present and what they can do to the environment and health.  Statistics and scientific research data are required here, and those stats have to be exact.  Data also from other sources may be required because some official statistics might have been compromised by corruption.  Knowing how to pick from the flotsam and jetsam calls for keen eyes  and good research skills.


Remember the structure.  A research paper should start out with its goal and purpose.  Make it clear and precise and then follow through with a structure that causes no confusion whatsoever.  There should be a beginning, a middle, and an end and the use of footnotes are imperative.

Such structure should not interfere with fluid writing skills.  Making a research paper too robotic leads to a lack of interest.  You want the reader to enjoy it so that they will look for other papers of yours that are published.  Getting a good name in the research field can be a lucrative one with people around the world turning to your works and referencing them.  The value of this is apparent.

Do Not Get Carried Away

Do not let yourself get carried away.  The research paper should stick to the point and format but should not be filled with your meanderings and opinions.  You want to enlighten the reader with real data, not your personal life style.

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Expecting an A+ in your term paper?

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Watch out for the Terrible Errors frequently seen in Term Paper Writing


Writing a term paper is just like opening a window for your instructor to peek inside your head and get acquainted with your creative skills and intellectual level.


Good grades are a dream of every college student but it does not come true that easy. Want to know why? Continue reading!

According to the teachers and professors the most commonly encountered mistakes made by students trying to come up with a nice term paper are as follows:


Theme Selection, Thesis Statement and Study Objective

The selection of a theme for your paper is the most important aspect of this part of academics. Some students select a topic that is too wide to research and to put in pages as required by the teacher. However, there is another group of students who select a topic so narrow that they can’t get enough information to fill up the required pages. In both cases the paper is termed as incomplete. Similarly if the objective of the study and the facts presented are not linked properly to prove your thesis statement students lose their ground.


Citation errors

Inadequate knowledge of the required citation style and improper formatting of the paper is another big slip up that students often make and get a F while hoping for an A.


Grammatical boo-boos

Ignoring basic grammar rules and making spelling mistakes or use of incorrect homophones or punctuation exerts a very bad impression to the reader.


Exploration Approach Blunders

Mentioned below are some inappropriate researching methods that can ruin the tone of a term paper.

  • Irrelevant data collection
  • Improper or inadequate analysis technique
  • Use of obsolete literature reviews
  • Failure to create a clear link between data collection and research topics
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8 Steps for writing a research paper

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Want the best research paper for your course?

To be able to get the top class research paper it is essential for you to know what a research paper is? A research paper is a required part of academics. The steps for a winning research paper are.

  • Select a topic that interests you or assigned by your teacher.
  • Ascertaining the purpose of the research paper.
  • Find worthy sources. Give priority to websites, books, academic or expert journals, and interviews with experts.
  • Write an operational thesis statement built on the aim of the research paper. A thesis statement abridges the general point of a paper by creating a statement and then listing points that will be used as indication to support it.
  • Collect and assemble the “body” of the essay. The body of the essay is where all the data is put forth and examined.
  • Write the conclusion. Now that you have sensibly worked through your validation, write a wrapping up that concisely summarizes your results.
  • Revise the research paper and form a final draft. Read through the paper at least two or three times. Make sure all of your declarations are supported up by sources, look for any spelling, grammar, punctuation, or word selection mistakes.
  • Make a works cited page. This page comprises all of the sources cited in your research paper.
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Dissertation Defense

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Dissertation defense is often regarded as an event that educes anxiety in the candidates about the questions that they have to face. Preparing your dissertation defense like a simple presentation will help you come over the worries that can make your dissertation defense worst. If you have your research done thoroughly and the date of your dissertation defense is already set than relax as it means your work is done. You just have to present your research in a confident and scholarly manner to win your dissertation defense.

When you prepare yourself for the dissertation defense you should consider the psychological and subject related issues of your research. You usually get a month’s time to prepare for the verbal defense after you submit your dissertation. This time also allows the committee members to read your paper. The best thing you can do during this time is to relax and plan your dissertation defense. The factors that really help your handle your defense dissertation well are

Self confidence

Thorough knowledge of your dissertation

A good perception of your committee

As soon as you get your dissertation defense date confirmed start reviewing your research queries as well as your research methodology and analysis of the whole issue. Rehearse presenting your conclusion as clearly as you can. The best thing to do at the dissertation defense is to stick to your ideas and try to spotlight the strong parts of your research while diverting the discussion on the points that you think are a bit weaker.

Furthermore practicing your dissertation defense with a genuine audience such as your fellow scholars or any other teacher way before your dissertation defense is due is a good idea. It will give you new questions to prepare as well as boost up your confidence too.

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Writing a Doctoral Dissertation

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A doctoral dissertation or PhD dissertation is the salient requirement for the doctoral plan. The PhD degree is never awarded upon completion of the lengthy curriculum only. Instead to receive the PhD degree successfully it is essential convince your committee that you are knowledgeable and competent in the field of your research. Your doctoral dissertation will provide a good idea to your committee advisors and teachers that you have achieved a distinguished standard among your subject and brought forward an original idea with its explanation. The doctoral dissertation you present must divulge high decisive ability and supremacy of thoughts and production.

The doctoral dissertation is your research product obviously under the regulation of your advisor committee that when gets submitted, defended and approved will lead you towards achieving the position of a scholar. Your doctoral dissertation must meet the expected standards. Following are a few guidelines that will help you prepare your doctoral dissertation to ensure success.

The doctoral dissertation paper must comprise if five parts just like any thesis or research paper. These are introduction, literature review, methodology, results, discussion and conclusion.

Although review of the previously known information comes after your introduction of doctoral dissertation but it would be a nice idea to provide your readers with the backdrop of the issue as early as possible. If the doctoral dissertation sections are presented as Background information, thesis statement, Hypotheses, Methodology, theory, adequacies and inadequacies, appendices and organized body it will give your doctoral dissertation a chance to win. Just remember that the last chapter that is the conclusion/discussion and recommendation section should present your final result following a summary of your thesis topic and statement. A discussion must follow and recommendations offered. Start preparing for your defense presentation after you submit your doctoral dissertation.

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Guidelines to write an amazing term paper

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The first and most important rule of writing an amazing term paper is being acquainted with it. Following few easy steps can make your term paper remarkable.

The most important part in choosing a paper topic is to make sure that your attention is satisfactorily engaged so that you can sustain the effort essential to construct a work that is fulfilling both to you and to your instructor.

Finding sources of materials:
Tradition suggests that you limit your sources to those available on the campus and are not very old, unless the nature of the paper is such that you are examining older writings from a historical point of view.

Outlining the paper:
Do not hurry into writing. Think over again what your subject and purpose are, and what kind of material you have found. Review notes to find main sub-divisions of your subject. Sort the cards into natural groups then try to name each group. After you are one relax and start writing.

• Try to read it as if it were cold and unfamiliar to you. It is a good idea to do this a day or two after having written the first draft. Reading the paper aloud is a good way to be sure that the language is not awkward.
• Check for proper spelling, phrasing and sentence construction. Be sure that pronouns clearly refer to nouns.
• Check for proper form on footnotes, quotes, and punctuation.
• Check for proper form on tables and graphs. Be certain that any table or graph is self-explanatory.
If that doesn’t get u an A+ come to us and we would.

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Writing a dissertation

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Writing a dissertation is not an easy task. A dissertation can also be termed as a series of essays that are related to each other and cover the same topic. A document that is lengthy and gives the writer as well as the reader a real scare can be broken into four or five sections and each one can be written on its own.

Writing a dissertation in the above mentioned style may help the students and make it more manageable for them to handle their research writing process easily. A dissertation also tests the student’s aptitude to administer research work and document it appropriately and precisely convincing the readers of the points the student intends to prove.

Writing a dissertation starts with coming up with a research query or thesis statement. It is the query you want to probe and ponder upon to get the result you expect. You must choose your subject intelligently giving the priority to those questions that fascinated you for a long time.

A dissertation may be prepared in portions but there is a specific requirement regarding these sections that a PhD student must follow while writing a dissertation. The thesis proposal must have a thesis statement, an introduction, a literature review, a research methodology and a bibliography. The full document should start with a nicely done introductory chapter followed by main text body that presents all your research data. Your conclusion must be very clear cut followed by a discussion and suggestion section. At the end of the document a reference page or bibliography is a must. A summary of the dissertation also known as an abstract is also necessary while appendices, indexes and glossary are optional.

Writing a dissertation that can earn you a doctoral degree is not a piece of cake. You need to work hard managing your work within deadlines and just according to your supervisors’ guidelines.

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Writing a Statistics Thesis

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A division of applied mathematics associated with the anthology and analysis of quantitative records is termed as statistics. Statistics thesis means designing a study to analyze data in depth.

A statistics thesis may involve the application of sophisticated statistical techniques such as t-test, ANOVA, regression, chi-square and structural equation modeling (SEM) and path analysis. SPSS, AMOS 6.0, LISREL, multiple regression, factor analysis, reliability analysis (Cronbach’s alpha) and power analysis and SAS statistical packages are also used during preparing a statistics thesis. The result of the analysis has to be explained and written using proper citation method most commonly the APA style.

Appropriate graphics and tabular presentations should be created according to the style guidelines in a statistics thesis.
The scholar preparing a statistics thesis should evaluate data using selected statistical methods to obtain ample conclusions.
Here are some simple steps that would help you prepare a scoring statistics thesis:

Ø Start with choosing an interesting subject

Ø Formulate a unique thesis statement

Ø Mention your research methodology

Ø Gather important back ground information with the use of books, journals, encyclopedias and manuals as well as internet.

Ø Explain your ideas and view points

Ø Come up to a valid conclusion

Ø Discuss and argue your conclusion

If you need assistance and suggestions regarding your statistics thesis you may contact our services online or on the phone or email. We are experts in writing masters’ thesis, PhD dissertations, statistics thesis and data analysis and report writing. We assist students write their statistics thesis and can review your hypothesis and research queries for you and establish the accurate statistics to analyze your questions. Our expert statistic thesis writers examine your sample size and power analysis to come up with better results.

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Writing a Phd Dissertation

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A PhD dissertation is an important milestone of a research scholar. It consists of two parts, a written paper and an oral defense. Assembling the research and inscription of a dissertation may be the most intricate task yet undertaken in your academic career. Your very first reviewers are your fellow researchers and your supervisors.

There may be several different categories of students when it comes to preparing a PhD dissertation. There may be those who are outclass presenters but organizing papers and composing thoughts is their weaker area. Then there are those who can write an excellent PhD dissertation but feel gloomy while researching for the raw data. And there are a handful of students who gather important and unique information on their PhD dissertation topic, possess strong technical writing skills and innovative ideas but when it comes to presenting their dissertation orally they get nervous and can’t do well.

PhD dissertation writing is a very unique academic experience for all students researching different areas of interests. It feels like a very difficult task but if handles properly and systematically it would turn out to be a very rewarding one. Completing your PhD dissertation is going to change your life entirely as it will label you as a scholar instead of a student.

Managing your PhD dissertation is very important and setting a deadline for researching, writing and defense preparation separately on your own will help you a lot. The PhD dissertation writing process can be simply broken into 5 major steps.

· Preparing to conduct effective research

· Selecting and signifying your PhD dissertation topic

· Gathering and organizing relative information

· Coming to a definite conclusion

· Defense presentation

Following these milestones closely and enthusiastically will lead you to your success path quickly by getting your PhD dissertation approved.

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