Current State of US Public Schooling System

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Current State of US Public Schooling System

The higher population of American children attend public schools since private schools are simply too costly and cannot be afforded by anyone unless they acquire scholarship and financial aid somehow. It is safe to say that the US public schooling system is flawed to quite an extent and immediate measures must be taken in order to make it effective again.

A Bad News

While many people do not realize it, the current state of public schooling system is on the verge of deteriorating since it is experiencing many issues that could ultimately lead to its end in the long run.

Highly Unsafe Environment

Since public schools have a massive amount of children from almost everywhere in America, there is a high chance of violence; which leads to more issues in the future.

  • A violent environment can harm both students and their curricular activities.
  • The reason why public schools are the ones facing violence on a daily basis is because of the fact that there is less surveillance and most children get away with their foul conduct.
  • According to many advanced surveys, public schools have a high drug usage rate, which is contributing to the fall of this US schooling system.

High Rate of Drop-outs

The US public schooling system, in other words, is facing a crisis in the present times. This can be easily concluded after examining the drop-out rates of the students who attend these schools.

  • The statistics show that a shocking more than half of the population of students in these schools have been dropping out immensely due to low grades, personal reasons, violent behavior and mental disorders.
  • While both the urban and rural public schools are facing complexities, the rural schools much more difficult problems that are increasing through every passing day.
  • The public schools in urban areas may have higher attendance; however, the school staff fails to prepare students adequately for the practical world they must face after completing school.

Lack of Opportunities and Personal Space

Another prominent disadvantage of the current public schools in America is the fact that both intelligent and good students are lost in the huge crowd.

  • While these children can get great chances if they were in private schools, they are left behind since public schools don’t offer a bright future.
  • The current state of the US public schooling system is falling since even the classroom conditions are worsening. Most schools cannot fit the entire amount of students; therefore, the rooms are scrammed. Such disappointing factors have contributed to bring US public schooling system where it stands today.
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