Election 2012 and Hurricane Sandy

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The largest recorded Atlantic (tropical cyclone) storm, Hurricane Sandy that devastated a major part of Caribbean, Mid Atlantic, North eastern United States and eastern part of Canada in October 2012, inflicted a damage of approximately $50 million dollars to the US economy. The damage extent is also highest as compared to other hurricanes that have hit US in the past except Hurricane Katrina. It affected 24 of the American states starting from Florida to Maine and in the west from Michigan to Wisconsin and brought severe damage to New Jersey and New York

The landfall of Hurricane Sandy on the shores of USA is massive and widespread in terms of damage to lives and property as well as the election campaign 2012. What previously looked like a smooth voting procedure with predictable results now became a challenge for the polling officers. The power cuts, flooding of city areas along with other weather issues like early snowfall is making it hard to conduct voting on the appointed schedule i.e. 6th November 2012. The power outage seems like the most important issue to address currently as most of the storm affected states use electronic voting machines instead of paper ballots. President Obama cancelled his election campaigns in the affected areas and stressed over the relief work giving the wellbeing of populace a higher hand over the elections. However there is no suspicion about the elections not being held or postponed yet. As Av Harris, a spokesman for the Connecticut Secretary of the State said that the government is willing to proceed with the election as scheduled. The problems that we are encountering can be rectified with legal solutions like moving the polling offices and using other methods of polling. (Lesniewski, Niels, 2012)

According to Ned Foley, an election expert at the Ohio University, the use of paper ballots is the best possible way to conduct polling in the areas where there is no power or where there is damage to polling stations and equipment. (Korte, Gregory, 2012)

Though it looks quite difficult to obtain the desired results of the presidential elections from the states seriously affected by hurricane sandy because there is no power and television campaign advertisements cannot be seen by most people but still the government is willing to run elections as per schedule.

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