How to make a Cover Page of a Term Paper

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How to make a Cover Page of a Term Paper

It is often believed that a book is judged by its cover. Hence the cover page or the title page of a paper, which could be an assignment, research report or a term paper, gives the face and introduction to the work being discussed in that particular paper. Also the cover page conveys critical information about the writer of the paper; hence, it is also vital in expressing the length of the paper.

Given the importance of a Cover page in a term paper, it should be arranged very carefully, keeping in mind that its contents are not only free of all types of syntactical and structural errors, but also, the contents should be brief and precise, without any unnecessary information being crammed in it. Also the arrangement of contents on the cover should be so as to leave a pleasant and clear-cut effect on the mind of the reader.

The contents of Cover Page should include;


The title should be placed in the middle of the page in block letters; given the page is a Standard-sized paper (8.5″ x 11″), the title would be center if its placed at parallel to 4″ marker vertically, using the center alignment feature provided in Microsoft Office. The title of the paper is supposed to be the most emphasized part of your paper so its content should be concise and accurate.

Writer’s Name

Immediately below the title, in the next line writer’s name should be mentioned. There should be double spacing between consecutive lines.

Institution Name

The name of writer’s institution should appear in the next line after writer’s name. Again there should be double spacing between the lines.

Course Instructor’s Name and Course Name

In last, the name of professor to whom the paper is to be submitted should appear. The next line should mention the name of course, followed by the date of submission.

All the above mentioned contents of the title page are to be placed using center alignment, with double spacing in between. Now to give final touch to the Cover page, a running head and a page header are included. Their placement should be as follows

Running Head

The running head in a term paper is the shortened title of the paper. It is mentioned on the extreme left corner of the Cover page after leaving 1″ margin on each side. It is mentioned along with the actual words “Running Head” followed by a colon, after which the shortened title is stated. This short title is supposed to appear on every page of your paper.

Page Header

A page header of the Cover page is added in the first 1″ of the paper starting from extreme upper left corner of the page and ending in at extreme right upper corner. It is usually 1″ wide and contains the page number along with the running head.

This covers all the important aspects of term paper writing, so, happy writing!

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