Writing a Thesis Statement

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Writing thesis statement has an important pose while preparing your dissertation or thesis. The reason why writing thesis statement is so important in academic writing is that it assesses your thoughts, provides the readers the concept of the argument and also grants you an opportunity to develop your argument well. Thesis convinces others that you have got a valid point on the topic you are researching and it is also known as academic argument. There is a definite pattern of writing thesis statement and it must serve as a summary of your argument. First write a small introduction to the topic you are researching write a single line stating your point of view on the topic.

Your thesis statement should tell your readers how you are going to address the problem and what your approach to the matter is. In simple words writing thesis statement can be termed easily as mapping a city. Your readers get a clear cut idea about what to expect from your thesis or paper by reading just the one line you wrote while writing thesis statement.

A strong thesis statement persuades your argument and grabs you readers however writing thesis statement that is weaker only let your paper unheard and your whole effort to prepare a lengthy thesis may go down the drain. Instead of using words like negative or positive in your thesis statement mention the reason why you think the idea is right or wrong. A strong thesis statement should have following qualities:

ü It should take a stand

ü Should justify discussion

ü Should express one main idea

ü Should be specific

Thesis statement is usually a sentence that conveys your idea of the argument/paper and should be located in the first few lines of the opening Para or introduction.

Present your argument to your readers by writing thesis statement.

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