How to Write an Article Critique

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Article Critique

An article critique is well thought out and comprehensively written to cover all the areas mentioned in the article. The critique should not hold one point of view rather it should be balanced out and state what actually the critique writer feels about the article’s content. He or she should keep in mind the different reasons that might have affected the thought of the original article writer and then arrive to a conclusion. Some steps to write a good article critique are:-

  • Read the article thoroughly and annotate the as you are reading.
  • Note the main point and thesis statement.
  • Divide the article into different parts and then summarize them accordingly.
  • Summarize the author’s purpose and objective that are used to support the argument.
  • What are the credentials of the author and his or her area of expertise?
  • Were appropriate measures used while writing the article?
  • Does the author’s use and interpretation of the evidence lead the reader to the same conclusion?
  • Was a logical argument built and then proven accordingly?
  • Is there any other evidence that can support a counter argument?
  • Is the article’s premise still valid according to the conditions or has it become out dated with the passage of time and change in perceptions of people.
  • Was the author successful in communicating his or her point of view?
  • State whether you agree or disagree to the author’s point of view.
  • Back up your decisions by stating your reasons for such a result.

The whole procedure of writing a critique has to be comprehensive yet concise in delivering the message of the person doing the critique. Readers may get carried away if the critique is long or verbose. Readers want the results to be concise and accurate and provide considerable amounts of insights to maintain a position as desired originally by the article writer. Criticism in articles should be constructive and not aimed at being negatively written so that the readers can benefit the most from it.

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