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An article is usually a summary of larger written work. They are a part of well written publications like newspapers, magazines, internet etc. There are many types of articles like news articles, which are published in a form of news in magazines, newspapers, news related websites, in which they discuss and inform the readers about current and recent news regarding politics, sports, business and finance, weather and technology and much other related news. They discuss general news that may be daily news as well as specific topics like about politics, trade or clubs.

Feathers that are often included in articles are Columns that deal with the specific news; it’s a separate portion in the newspaper. An interview is a type of an article in which a conversation between a two people is printed, directed by the interviewer. Many other features include personal experiences, how to present it, essay, service articles and the side bar.

A book is a set or collection of written material, printed onto a piece of binded papers. The purpose is to read, give and to transfer the information to the readers mind. To distinguish it from magazines and newspapers books in library are called monograph. People who love reading are often called bookworms or a bibliophilist. There are many types of books such as albums, notebooks, prayer book, an encyclopaedia, reference or handbooks as well as novels where the book is divided into several sections with single topics.