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A case study is a way conducting research in the various areas people are exposed to. Other methods of research practiced are experiments, surveys, multiple histories, and analysis of archives and records.

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Case studies do not use samples, rather they follow a rigid procedure to examine a restricted number of variables, case study methods and techniques include a comprehensive and in-depth, longitudinal study of a one instance or event which is referred to as a case. Case studies offer a procedural way of viewing events that have occurred in the past. The process involves collecting data, analyzing information, and summarizing the results in tabular form for presentation to the stakeholders.

Reasons for Writing Case Studies

As a consequence the researcher might be able to gain a clear understanding of why the event happened in the way it did, and what might be important to look at more thoroughly while conducting further research in future. Case studies test hypothesis and generate new ideas for countering the problems faced by different people or organizations in the past. It is a fact that the learning process is enhanced by the use of case studies in research, since in depth analysis of a situation results in great new insights to come up which might have been overlooked otherwise.

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Case studies are not qualitative research and they can be based on a mixture of quantitative and qualitative evidence. Single-subject research provides a statistical framework for making derivations from quantitative case-study material. The case study is a research methodology which has its place between concrete data collection methods and methodological dimensions. TermPapersCorner can help you in writing comprehensive case studies at a nominal price of $10 per page.