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Division and classification essay is based on descriptions, characteristics, supporting details, and illustrations. While writing classification essay one needs to organize things into groups each having its own characteristics. There are three key words to keep in mind while writing classification essay: set, scheme, and classes. Set is the list of characteristics common for a specific group. For example, students share such characteristics as age. Scheme is the standard or function by which sets are sorted into classes. In simple words, scheme is methods of selection. Things are included into classes based on shared characteristics (different from other classes). Alternatively, classification division essay can break one subject into subcategories. For example, if topic for a classification essay is humans, one may break this concept into females and males or children and adolescents, and show how two categories are related.

Deciding on the order of presentation is probably the most important step of classification division essay writing. One may start either with the most important and move on to the least important, or one can make the weak point at first and then provide stronger arguments. One can also experiment with the order and select the pattern which you like the most. It is encouraged to edit classification essay several times, to change the order of paragraphs, to revise, and add/eliminate sentences or phrases.

Categories form an essential part of classification essays and should be logically formed. For example, if one has decided to sort cloths, the focus should be on the following categories: clean cloth, dirty cloth, cloth to throw away, cloth to give to someone, cloth to wear in winter/summer, etc. Similar pattern should be used while writing classification division essay. Thesis statement depends on the topic one has chosen and should include the topic, classification pattern, and main categories. Be critical while determining the categories and be sure not to exclude some vital elements. Provide the same number of examples for each class or category. For example, provide two examples for each of three categories.

Classification division essays present a challenging assignment especially for students who have not accomplished this type of writing before. They remain a very controlled form of expression that thrives on creativity and ingenuity.