Compare and Contrast Essay Writing Guide

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Compare and contrast essay is one of the common types of academic writing. The purpose of writing a compare and contrast essay is to identify differences and similarities between two books, movies, pieces of art, individuals, or anything else. For example, you may choose this topic for a compare and contrast essay: political systems of France and Britain in 19th century. Compare and contrast essay topics are very diverse and you can write about anything. In most cases, your tutor will give you compare and contrast essay ideas as well as provide the overall guidance. Please note that while writing a compare and contrast essay you have to compare and contrast rather than provide separate descriptions of both things.

Compare and contrast essay writing starts with identification of objects’ elements. Think about attributes which are unique for each object as well as common for both. You are welcome to search for ideas on the internet, read articles, publications, and encyclopedias. Creating an outline of compare and contrast essay is strongly advised. Without good outline you will not be able to organize your ideas logically. One of the possible compare and contrast essay formats to follow is listing the points of similarity first and then listing the points of difference. Then, read the points you listed and decide on the sequence.

Compare and contrast essay should have a well-written structured body. Each point you listed in outline can be developed into a separate paragraph related to essay topic. Do not forget that each paragraph has to have an opening and concluding sentence, while all paragraphs should be connected into a cohesive essay. The goal of compare and contrast essay writing is to show your ability to think critically and to express your ideas. Introduction is the statement of main points (the strongest difference or similarities). For example, if you are writing a compare and contrast essay on living together and marriage, you may start with telling the story from your personal experience. Despite of the topic choice, you have to gain the attention of the reader from the first lines.

A compare and contrast essay consists of an introduction that marks the thesis statement, a body that is comprised of effective similarities and differences, conclusion and finally references to mark the end of the voyage. Compare and contrast essays are heavily inclined towards a research based approach and any such essay that is devoid of research is marred by dullness and frailty.