Contradictory Evidence Writing Essay Guide

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Dealing with controversial evidence is another side to completing one’s piece of writing. It refers to the other way of dealing with looming defeat which may encompass the controversial evidence. To deal with it, it is necessary to clear the mind and well inform the reader to gain their trust and to achieve it, choose the appropriate way for one’s article like present evidence through personal experience, anecdotes, which is a quick short story related to the material, by presuming, or by taking and writing experts opinion on the matter. Also, imaginary stories to prove your point of view on the situation can also work.

It is much better not to neglect the controversial evidence or else your paper will be incomplete because ignoring it will make your work one sided. When you search for the information related to your topic, you will come across controversial evidence, don’t ignore it, try evaluating the weak points, argue with it and try supporting your evidence by illustrating or with an anecdote. But do not give much time to the controversial evidence, just recognize them and elaborate the weak points and don’t concentrate on this evidence or take a deep look on it. You should have the capability of supporting your own evidence to achieve the reader’s attention. Also, you should come up with strategies by lacing the article with the techniques given above to deal with the controversial evidence. By this you can win the battle over such issues.