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Creativity is a term used to distinguish certain imaginative or different types of writing from generic writing. Creativity is the art that defines something in a way that is unimaginable. Creativity is the game of art that is applied in every single field be it of art, design, literature or science. Creatively done work is what distinguishes it form the rest i.e. its competitors.

Literature is a diverse field. Composed since ancient times and explored, studied and written for a vast market from royals to the general public. A prose, an event, a well versed poem, a moral story or a book of ancient history, literature is comprehensive writing and a necessary part in any educational program.

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Writing about creativity might be a difficult job if considered. As creativity cannot be particularized into words so explaining in an essay any creatively done job can cause you to undergo certain problems. Writing essays being a difficult job in itself requires certain.

The first paragraph defining or introducing the topic, the further two containing the main contents and the last concluding or summarizing the whole theme, an essay is a complete literary piece of work.

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