Digital Dissertation Writing Service Online

Digital dissertation is an online database for master's theses and PhD dissertations that houses millions of research papers and precious documents like books, journal articles etc in an electronic format.

There were times when gathering research material was the most difficult part in order to write a dissertation. Writers, students, scholars and journalists have to search institutions and libraries to collect information related to their research work. Digital dissertation is one place where all of the research papers (from almost more than 50 years) from all around the world are preserved on electronic format and saved on PDF documents so that their abstracts can be accessed over the World Wide Web easily and free of cost.

The abstracts that belong to dissertations and thesis that were published during the last on decade or so can be accessed without any cost but if you want to access digital dissertations older than 2 or more decades a small subscription fee applies. All papers here on the database are protected by the copyright act and in order to utilize the research work of a particular document you may have to purchase the full PDF copy of the work through digital dissertations. A part of the sum that you pay for the document goes to the scholar to whom the work originally belongs to in the form of an annual royalty.

The purpose of developing a huge database like digital dissertations was basically to protect the scholarly material from destruction and theft like happened in the past. Libraries were burnt down in the past due to world politics and hatred and millions of precious books were destroyed. Likewise unauthorized use of research papers is common too.