Academic Dishonesty Plagiarism and Cheating


Education, which has become vital for the survival for any civilization must be dealt with care and dexterity as his education later molds the personality of a person who dwells among millions of people and can influence their lives.The 21st century has highlighted the need of the reforms so that a normal human being can achieve good education.

The government has realized the importance of education and taken measures for its outbreak.

Education issues

One of the many increasing issues faced the management the days is that the cheating has reaches epidemic proportions. The Questions frequently asked by the teachers is that why students cheat. The reason that the students unanimously put forward are that ?they cheat in order come over the unrealistic demands for the academic achievement by the state education boards? (Darling -1998) and also that they consider it the easy way out.

Another problem faced by the masses is the deteriorating quality of teachers as the districts continue to hire teachers who are unqualified or outside their field of expertise

School violence such as common shootings is another prevalent problem commonly feared by teachers, parents and students.

Access to a free, quality education is the key to the uniquely American promise of equivalent opportunity for all. This promise was extended to students with disabilities with the passage of the 1975 law known as the individuals with disabilities act (IDEA). Public schools all across USA serve more than 6 million students with a wide display of disabling conditions. However, the promise remains unfulfilled as the government has made a commitment to pay 40 percent of the average per student cost for every special education student. ?The present average per student cost is $7552 and the present average cost per special education student is 16921.?(Funding Tops List of Priorities for Improvements-2005). However, in the year 2004 the government is providing school districts with just 20 percent of its commitment rather than 40 percent specified by the decree generating a $10.6 shortfall for local school districts and states. These shortfalls generate a burden on local communities and deny opportunity for students with and without disabilities. Another problem according to the federal elementary and secondary education act (ESEA) is how to asses and support students with disabilities.

Solutions to the problem

The solution to this problem is that that schools need to have zero tolerance policies regarding cheating. In addition to that, the assignments should be made meaningful and interesting for the students and the parents must take interest in their children?s work. Also, the students must learn to be true to themselves and their own values and not swayed by outside influences and pressures. The national education association (NEA) has placed special importance on hiring experienced teachers and placing a provision in schools that require local districts and schools to document and certify the competency of teachers already at school. Further, all these problems roots to the fact that a communication gap exists between parents and children. In order to solve the problem, the government has placed reforms in which the teachers give the updated academic performance of the student. Further, the government should try to fund special education as much as possible and at the same time should take measures that the students should not only be assessed through standard tests but through other means as well