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Explanation essay’s main function is to fully explain and clear the matter in the briefest way so that the reader can create the full picture in his mind. It explains why something happens or happened. Also, you need to explain the causes and effects. For this, to get a better start of your essay, you need to mention the main points as a special feature and later give a brief description to it. By this, time can be saved later in conclusion or giving a structure to the whole topic.

To come up with more explanation, It is better to answer the questions like what, when, where, who and how. This makes the work easier in describing the topic to its fullest. The main body consists of an introduction, in which you should tell what you are going to explain and why you chose the topic, also covering all the aspect of the main features, plan and the structure where every aspect can be detailed to its fullest. The Main Body, in which usually consists of more than one paragraph, giving details with truthful evidence, developed thoughts as well as convincing the reader that you are knowledgeable in this phase. The conclusion should be solid and logical. Since, it is a concise summary, the paragraph should be objective. Once all the corrections are made revise it thoroughly and give a nice completion to it.