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An expository essay is a mode of writing in which the purpose is to inform, define and explain one’s subject to the readers. Hence, expository here means to expose the topic.. These types of essays usually are used by students in universities and colleges where the main objective is to focus on providing the facts to the reader. The right way to write an exposition essay is to remain focused on the topic and cover all subjects related to it.

It is mostly recognized in many types of informative writing that include magazines, newspaper articles, non-fiction books, travel brochures, business reports, memorandums, professional journal, oral presentations and encyclopedia articles.

The most clear cut and basic type of expository writing consist of a five-paragraph essay, that includes an introduction with a thesis, three main paragraph followed by a conclusion. Types of expository writing include sequenced instructions where the author needs to inform the reader about his or her intention in a well sequenced manner by listing the steps of the process. Examples are cooking shows and the related instructions for performing the task. Descriptive writing is a type of expository writing that is used when the author wants a reader to feel what ever he or she is describing in a way that makes use of smells, touch, hear, and taste. Types also include classification, in which ideas and groups are put together in one common detail. Comparisons are the type of expository writing where two similar subjects are compared with each other to help in making a choice between the two.