Informal Essay Writing Guide

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An informal essay is usually written for pleasure. The person writing such an essay gets to explain informally on events as well as problems. It doesn’t need to follow any specific rules or steps. One of the benefits is that the person can preserve his personality. The technique and the plan to write an informal essay is to consider how much information you can present and when will you present the information. Also, compression, where main points and events are highlighted, irrelevant things can be erased because of its unnecessary details. Also time inversion can be seen, for example 1951 events can be first highlighted before 1940 events.

Usually an informal essay is followed by the start of the event then the middle paragraph and later the end of the event but in time inversion, attention can be grabbed by describing the following first: the middle event then the recollection of the start of the event followed by the end of the event. This technique allows you to grab the attention of the readers thus persuading them to continue reading the essay. Withholding is also another technique in which various questions can be created in the mind of the reader that is asked by them and you withhold the information. Creating suspense, in which thrilling events are created out of something unknown or which could be unexpected and even unpredictable thus attracts the reader’s attention.