Journals and Magazine Essay Writing Guide

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Magazines are publications which are published on a regular basis and contain a variety of articles. They are published weekly, monthly or yearly, based on the type of the segment. Most of the magazines focus on current events and news. They can be general such as daily news and information or can be specific such as life positive or cat fancy. Magazines are distributed internationally or nationally in different languages and versions, giving day to day information or health related information. Also it is published on internet, known as online magazines. There are business magazines, children magazines, consumer’s magazines, architecture magazines and art magazines.

Journals is a daily record of day to day events, the private journal is also called a personal diary. It refers to a newspaper that is printed to give current events and programs. In a book of accounts journal is maintained to record day to day transaction of the business, later transferring it to the ledger for further processing, thus it is a business journal. A public journal is concerned with the day to day proceedings of a public body.

Newspapers are published daily or weekly, printing current news for specific or general events, it may contain news and information related to politics, sports, weather, education, stock exchange, science and technology and much other related information on daily basis. It is usually printed on low cost paper called newsprint. It also gives information on crimes and culture as well as print pictures to illustrate the story. It is usually printed black and white and often can be seen colorful. There are weekly newspapers, local news papers as well as local newspapers which serve a specific city or town with its local news.