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Persuasive essay is a type of essays in which the author wants to hold and grab the attention of its reader and wants readers to agree with his or her opinion with strong supportive details. Its objective is to convince the reader by his reasonable opinions and convincing arguments.

There could be many techniques that could be followed while pursuing the reader to perform an action, this includes ignoring drawbacks while emphasizing benefits, by creating the list For and Against points, having command on capturing the readers interest from the very first paragraph, using connectives like moreover, further more and therefore. To strengthen the view point "in fact" and "indeed" are used. Also, persuasive writing can be made effective by writing in short sentences and shorter words and by keeping sentences simple.

The most effective way of winning over audience is to appeal by emotions or pathos. It is one of the more successful ways to gain everybody’s attention. The writer also appeals logic to proceed, which is also known as logos. It needs a supportive statement to acknowledge the written material. Writers also can make their claims to be believable in the matter, known as ethos, to show credibility. An author wants to be more credible to the audience if there are no internal errors or no factual related errors. Visual appeals also affect and strengthen the arguments. These techniques appeal more to the reader and make him stick around for more reading.