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The dissertation committee plays a very important role in the progress and completion of a PhD dissertation. A winning dissertation must contribute to the field of knowledge of the respective department and must reflect the student’s aptitude in the related field. Writing of a PhD dissertation is a very special procedure that compiles and presents all the data collected over the years and the findings that are extracted from it as well as the final conclusions. It displays the scholarly level of intellect of a PhD student by its contents, research methodology and unique writing style.

The uniqueness of the PhD dissertation is the novelty of the research idea. It is considered fine to choose a fresh idea for research but it’s not always necessary to pick a topic that has never been addressed before for a dissertation but the question related to the topic should be innovative and workable. If there are several PhD students working on their PhD dissertation in the same department and on the same topic than they must distribute the sub queries of the research and each must present an original idea on his own.

The oral defense of the PhD dissertation is another important phase before the dissertation is accepted. It is when the student has to present the PhD dissertation in front of the faculty members and have to answer the questions that arise.

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