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In recent past, the world was affected by the pandemic of Swine Flu in 1918, 1976, 1988, 1998, 2007 and now finally in 2009. It is also referred to as swine influenza, hog flu or pig flu, and caused by influenza virus SIV which usually contaminates pigs. The swine flu in humans has been linked mainly with stains and sub-strains of H1N1virus. In the past, the pig herds of Mexico, Midwestern United States, South America, China, Taiwan, Japan and other parts of eastern Asia have been found contaminated with swine influenza. Over the years, this disease has shown its ugly face quite a few times. The disease has varied in terms of fatalities, economic and social effects among the countries of the world. In this recent outbreak, Mexico has been the most adversely affect, with the economy reeling from the effects of an isolated tourism industry..

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