Term Paper Bibliography

Bibliography is one of the essential elements of a term paper which includes all the reference sources in an alphabetical order. It may include the cited sources as well as those that have not been quoted in the text, however used for acquiring information. Writing bibliography for a research paper or term paper is of great significance as it serves a number of purposes.

The main objective of writing term paper bibliography is the recognition and appreciation of the words or ideas that have been written by someone else and used by you. Writing term paper bibliography puts an end to plagiarism phenomenon. A bibliography acts as a source for additional information pertaining to the topic of interest, thus creating a prospect for the readers to go through other supplementary resources in order to comprehend the subject matter thoroughly. Alternatively, if a bibliography is not provided at the end of a certain term paper, then there is a probability of losing your marks as you may be indicted of plagiarism.

Types of term paper bibliography

There are different ways of writing term paper bibliographies depending upon the citation style being used. For instance, APA and ASA use different patterns of writing the publications reference list. However, the basic units of a bibliography comprises of the author’s name, title and subtitles of the consulted book, place of publication, name of publisher, date of publication and page numbers.

A perfect bibliography is written alphabetically with the author’s last name preceding his first name. All the remaining units are mentioned horizontally, each of them being separated by a comma.

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